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Monday, May 30, 2005

having a very non exciting bank holiday monday. im arranging tickets for the wireless festival in hyde park at the end of june which has a good line up of new order, moby, graham coxon etc. check out the artists here
i think it maybe a good venue for boy shopping
i seem to be having a cursory affect on other bloggers. as soon as they appear on my 'roll then they have a haitus and blogoff. hopefully they will come back to the fold.
there are three hello kitty watches i want on ebay. a grand total of £18 including p&p means i am very tempted. at the very least its my sisters christmas pressie sewn up.
im also delving into a new world today, the one of frozen puff pastry. i will be making a goats cheese, cherry tomato and red pepper tart later on. i am a good chef and look forward to working with the new 'ally'. later this week i will be attempting a three bean hotpot which should be a dinner winner and when cold a lunch with punch. i suggest you dont stand downwind of this blog...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

littlest britain 

im starting to think real life is all based around little britain. the woman in M&S (see below post) was 'computer says no' lady and i keep imagining all wheelchair people will get up and move their chair when they are stuck.
just for the record i did say on friday night that kemal would win big brother. so far so good. and i said nadia last year...
having finally been reunited with tinternet i find no-one is on msn and witho has done a bunk. i also am spending lots of time installing stuff which is highly dull. as is the large ironing marathon ive been attempting due to the boiler issues. see another post below, to which british gas still hasnt sorted the complaint btw.
i did find out my mate is getting married in cyprus and i will be going as guest of honour. all very cool bananas.

in the pink 

some times things are very mad
yesterday i was up early and incentivised to get things done. id done the washing up, put the tub on, put the rubbish out by ten. then i was out with a hunger to shop. i bought two tops the same colour so i could match with my new bag and some new towels for no reason apart from the fact they were cheap and my old ones minged. some old bint homeless woman came up and punched me in the back and said 'fiftyyyy peeee' really horridly to me. i complained to a store supervisor who did nothing. i mean they complain about the kids and its the old dudes begging that was the issue.
anyway i think im getting too old for stuff. i genuinely think i am pretty slim apart from my beer baby, which is currently gestating at six months.
so when feeling very fat and ugly i get talking to some guy and im enjoying the conversation and only later do i find out he left to go back to his fiances. booo.
maybe i just should stay in and grow the foetus....

Friday, May 27, 2005

No bright sparks 

finally finally. i came home last night and managed to install tinternet. all things going well I should be back to normal service this evening. it wouldnt let me sign into messenger which is a major bummer, but everything else was tickety boo.
have started new breakfast phenomenon of bananas and custard. so goo i had two bowls this morning.
this mornings crap service award goes to: M&S. only days after reporting they arent making any money they do exactly what they shouldnt by cheesing off a customer. there is an awesome bikini in there that i tried on the other day that fitted size 12 but they didnt have any size 12s in black. so i ordered one and was told it would be there for me yesterday. i forgot to pick it up after having spent two hours trying to get into the office and having a series of meetings over lunch.
it was no surprise today when after wiating ten minutes for three peeps infront to get refunds on horrid skirts that should never have been made that they couldnt find my order. another ten minutes spent scratching around behind the screen produced nothing. i was told i had to understand the warehouse hadnt updated the system at the time of ordering. i do have a brain but the fact it was available three days ago doesnt mean two hoots to me, you fucked up love. eventually i got an apology but it was no great surprise that when i walked off and checked the rack where the bikinis were that there was a size 12 sitting there.
the dumb ass behind the counter then asked if i wanted to buy it. i did think that maybe this would be a good reason to use my sharp wit and humour but i guessed she wouldnt have got it. after all they are thick as fuck in there.
end of rant.
going round sainsburys when your trollied makes it much easier.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ryvita rules! 

ok well i have managed to search the internet a little from work to see if there are any alternative suppliers out there for unlimited dial-up at home, and of course there arent any. seems like they all require a BT line and I havent got one of those. so i am still limited as to what i can view on the world wide web and work is busy to, hence not much blog 'action'.
ive also been a tad busy, i spent saturday morning at a workshop for a charity I will be volunteering with soon and hopefully will post some information about it on here. then it was off to barnham, a small village in sussex where my friend has moved to. we had a good old catch up and a spot of lunch in arundel, which is very pictoresque with its princess style castle. sunday came home, got the weeks shop in a dyed my hair. am slowly getting round to fixing a few things and its dad birthday this week.
i managed to pick up new weekly 'publication' grazia which i am loving. nice fashion articles with decent prices and interesting articles not too trashy and some very yummy recipes. just what i like. the fact i read it (whereas in heat i wouldnt call it 'reading' its more like 'glancing') in one day is a bit of abummer. oh and dont both bother getting the M&S bikini with the swarovski crystals in black cos its mine. picking it up tomorrow!!! yay.

Friday, May 20, 2005

blinded by the lights 

hi folks
again really sorry, i am reading all the blogs but cant comment on any of them as its banned from work.
anyway as i have a two minute breather i thought i would give you some quick thoughts of the new star wars film, especially before col/ron/ray does.
generally the movie is far superior to the previous two, but nowhere near as legendary as the original trilogy, even taking in ROTJ. this is due to one thing, and thats character dialogue. i dont like samuel l. and ewan either, i think the casting department went for easy quick wins without considering what made the originals great. and lucas was more interested in the backdrops than the actual development of personailties. however all that said, i do think general grievous was a great baddy, and his big wheel getaway vehicle was pretty mean.
there does need to be some development at the manufacturers of the light sabres, all this dropping of weapons at crucial moments would endear to a camera strap attachment. and padme had a great funeral, id quite like to have my hair nicely decorated like that. it was quite sad, and of course you knew who was going to cop it and who wasnt. yoda was funny using the force against the emperors guards and when R2 got kicked by the battle droids. oh and did anyone else recognise saddam husseins palace was now the jedi temple?
i do feel like i have got closure now, and can more forward with my life in a more positive way knowing now what happens in the first three chapters. and i can get back to foreign films.
oh and i saw mike skinner on the tube yesterday and followed him. hes fit, but he knows it. word.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

give me just a little more time.... 

life is, shall i say, a little trying at the minute.
i have been without a bioler now for two weeks. it seems that the original engineer got the diagnosis wrong and the parts that the guy came this morning to fix (although techincally he couldnt do this as the parts that were orginally ordered are now 'missing') are not the right ones so he has to order some different ones. the fact i rang six times to get an appointment for last saturday when i waited in all day for no-one has only trebled my anger, disappointment and frustration.
so the fact that boots have ruined my photographs seems par for the course. no problem, its just a months worth of pics from botswana that now have a line through them. at least i got a full refund and four free films, which is more than the stupid gas board can do.
also my flat isnt selling. i have to get another estate agent to come round, value it and then try and sell it. so along with sorting out the boiler and three mountains of washing to do i still have to try and make the place look like the house doctor wants me to.
fantastic. couldnt be in a better mood. and i was supposed to be going out tonight but thats been cancelled too. the jobs going ok, a little confusing which is no doubt expected in the first few weeks, but i have only been there 9 days and already i am being 'audited'. and i cant access im or comments. i have requested a dial-up cd from ntl twice but you know the story, if its customer service and things going right for minnow then its bound not to happen or work.
wish i was back in africa.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


good news: have new job.
bad news: am busy with new job stuff all day. no chance of blogging. all comments unreadable and cant access lycos mail. boooo!!

good news: have requested dial-up cd for home tinternet in the evenings
bad news: it hasnt arrived yet. i think someone is stealing my post as several items are missing and or late. however despite all being addressed to me at my home address apparently royal mail want me to get each sender to phone them about the missing mail.... ridiculous!

good news:have had photos developed and they look like corkers
bad news: there is a blue line on each one so having to have them reprinted...

bad bad bad news. british gas home care is crap. phoned six times to get saturday appointment and guess what? yes they failed to perform that one simple action. i will copy and paste the complaint letter when i get home tinternet sorted.

good news: saw kylie last night. (in the flesh not on telly) and she was wicked. a bit thin and starting to look a bit old (but she is getting on a bit now) and the show really was amazing. great songs, she can sing and fab outfits. there was a 35 year old man in the audience who she starting talking to and then he was absolutely bawling his eyes out cos she said something to him!!!

anyway my hour in the tinternet cafe is coming to a close. over and out!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


am back. have new job. cant post much yet. will tell all soon. saw fat one from G4 in richmond yesterday. over and out.

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