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Monday, January 31, 2005

life is what happens to you when youre busy making other plans...

the ball is rolling, 'the plan' is gathering speed. its dependent on several factors, not all i can reveal yet.

i was lamenting internally that there were no fit blokes on the tube ever, when suddenly i looked up and there was a very very attractive young man sitting opposite. of course i wasnt dressed for the occasion, but i mean how do you pull a bloke in harsh bright light, stone cold sober at 9.10am?

there is also a guy who gets on about that time who wears shorts, long hiking sock and boots, a red jacket and a small blue beretish hat. i thought he was a lost 1970's french walker, using the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy and had returned to earth after many years visiting strange new planets but no hes a regular.....

Sunday, January 30, 2005

ok so it went like this
1) jeans sucessfully dropped off at dry cleaners to get fixed. make mental note need to reduce belly so they dont break again
2) arrive at selfidges. watch made smaller so now fits my miniscule wrists. sorted.
3) ted baker to get jumper swapped as it has a fault. not successful. as its not a proper ted baker i cant do much, which is rubbish.
4) molton brown in selfridges doesnt accpet molton brown vouchers.
5) ted baker of regent st cant find a replacement jumper. am waiting for a call to say theres one in scotland or somewhere and theyre posting it down
6) molton brown of regent st does accept vouchers. even get credit note for £1. luscious lips here we come
7) hmv and virgin both selling dark side of the moon for outrageous £16.99. order on play.com and vow never to go in either establishment again.
8) go home eat curry go out get trollied

quite a frustrating semi-productive day. today all i managed was to work out I need £43000 to do three mad mad years of stuff.

Friday, January 28, 2005

escalators out again... only in the office three days this week and for two days theyre broken... then all northern line tubes stopped at stockwell... nightmare!!!!

seems we've turfed off bad hair stupid teeth taffy bellamy. £6m for the lying big head nob is great. he can learn some proper excuses for not playing from sicknote and still get paid.

tomorrow is fix it day. fixing clothes, jewellery, walls etc.
how exciting am i.....

Thursday, January 27, 2005

i keep being reminded of how nice my friends are. which is great. last year i had a particular dilemma where i had to decide not to keep a friendship going. it still bothers me, as i feel bad about it, but its made my life better. when my true mates say things that are mutually beneficial i appreciate them even more. i will have to make sure i remember to thank them for this, as some people arent so lucky as me.

theyve blocked off the road outside my house. at 9pm. wonder why.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

escalators working today...

big up to lou lou, i mean how cool is my doll (eyes right?)

having a few really mad days, and i know a few mad weeks coming up too. will tell you all as everything 'develops'. over the years ive accumulated quite a few points with a certain credit card company from work related activity. as i cant afford the renewal fee, ive decided to trade in my points for a few 'treats'. one of these is a voucher enabling me to buy this product review coming shortly!!

Monday, January 24, 2005

the escalators between bank and monument were broken again today, all day.

made a great discovery yesterday. my favourite indian dish, rajma masala, or kidney bean curry has been found lurking in new restaurant 'chain' tiffinbites. very excited as its taken me over eighteen months to find it, after first trying it on holiday. our guide had ordered it separately and after sampling it, i ordered it many times!

i see wetherspoons is making their pubs 'smoke free'. i challenge them that without completely tearing out every part of JJ Moons in Tooting that it will never be 'smoke free'. hopefully this move may mean the many vagrants/alkies/old smelly men will move on, probably to jack beards or unfortunately the castle which has re-vamped itself recently. with the frog being mysteriously out of action for no apparent reason, it seems the kings is the only operational normal pub left.

has anyone seen fat boys slims new video for 'the joker'? its sooooo funny.
and britters new one is soooo trashy!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

today i had a good day....

went to see the film 'closer' this afternoon. the main reason was that part of it was filmed outside of my employers office. i liked the film. i liked the story- cos it wasnt predictable (only one part I guessed, but thats womens intuition) and it was quite true. i liked it and i think you should go and see it too.

went shopping afterwards and got a lovely top reduced from £90 to £25 in karen millen. lovely. then wagamamas for tea yay!!

Friday, January 21, 2005

rip it up and start again.....

sometimes i'm not quite sure why people believe in stuff. lets destroy the planet because we wont be around to see the consequences. whereas being blown up by a mad man which is probably as likely as winning the lotto.....

Thursday, January 20, 2005

*porn alert* who is that guy that comes and gets the big brother people if they are being evicted into the bedsit or without the others knowing? he is fit. mmmm
the guy from the eric prydz video is a dancer/actor juan pablo di pace, soon to be in the new movie starring billy zane and kelly brook...tasty.
won another tenner on the lotto, havent played in ages so thats good....

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

i kind of understood a bit more about politics today.
my dad is a conservative. always had always will be. and he really does act like a conservative. he defends thatcher even though he was in the miners strike. he always criticises labour but cant think of anything great to say about the tories. his argument is based around things that happened in the seventies (ie bad labour) and the eighties (good for tory). he is stereotypically old school england, hating foreigners and generally being sexist and rude. and he always promises to do things and never gets round to doing it, just like the tories.

im such a oddball of emotions at the moment. excited, apprehensive, eager to sort things out, indecisive and amused. all at the same time. so im worn out now....

Saturday, January 15, 2005

brr brr brr brrr brr busy line...

well what have i had to cope with this week? only work work work (for a change), house doctoring and weird teeth movements. ive been recycling and spring cleaning, fixing and arranging. all in all a taxing week in more ways than one.

usually id be a ball of stress, which i am, but funnily enough im quietly happy about everything too. its very comforting to know why you exist, why you are on the planet, after many years of questioning life universe and everything and only coming up with 42 as an answer.

Monday, January 10, 2005

lets just say the escalators between bank and monument broke down again today, luckily i arrived just as they were being fixed.... kind of sums up my day..

ive been suffering with a weird kind of ailment, being very tired and having swollen neck glands which i think is due to movement of impacted wisdom teeth. anyway, it hasnt helped my mood which is already exasperated by work. so there is only one solution. vanilla fudge.

ive been sorting out some of my stuff, as i need to 'downsize' the amount of possessions i have. in amongst the recyclable pile i created i found a set of egyptian tarot cards. i need to get a book on how to read them but nevertheless i decided to get myself a free reading on-line about my forthcoming change of life. the ultimate goal card was the world, and to say this is a favourable card is an understatement. now that made me feel better.

Friday, January 07, 2005

the great stereo debate

moving house to a temporary arrangement at some point this year, ive been considering what to do with all my pieces of furniture, which happen to be large. size is everything.

my dining table is huge, i have too lovely big sofas and a 32" widescreen tv. my thoughts had turned to my separates system, which is turning 10 years old this year (although in theory as the tuner, amp and cd player were replaced after a burglary four years ago then they are still 'youngish'). I saw the bose speaker system for my ipod, and thought cool, this would reduce the amount of space I would need in storage and enable me to have a good stereo replacement whilst needing to be a bit lighter and mobile with my possesions.

So I tracked my amp in ebay, and with over 3 days to go, my amp alone could pay for 80% of the bose speakers. I was musing around said amp when i remembered i hadnt plugged my dvd player into the amp since i had moved in over two years ago. putting my brain into use for once i thought mmm, maybe i could connect my tv to the amp instead, therefore getting cool sound through my speakers. so by moving a couple of wires I have completely changed my mind again. Im not giving my separates up for no-one. plus I can get the cable for ipod to stereo for only £20 ;)

thats one panic over....

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

back to life, back to reality....

yes i'm on a diet, yes i'm booking a holiday, yes i'm hating work and yes the weather was so horrid this evening.

ive also been thinking about what i should do after uni. (i'm hopefully starting a masters in september). ive enjoyed doing the research project holiday, and recent events have encouraged me to consider longer volunteering opportunities abroad. so i'm investigating VSO-type placements. ive read (and been very jealous of) bykersinks amazing job in vietnam. but i'm going to be picky and specifically look at conservation based jobs.

one of the reasons id like to volunteer is this. there is one escalator between bank and monumnet tube station. i have to use it twice every work day. last year it was out of service for over three months whilst they did apparently nothing. within two days of re-opening, it had broken down. its always breaking down. and i mean at least once a week. it stopped today for no reason when i was half way up. i could have fallen backwards. and also today the tubes fares increased by an above inflation rate of 4%. its just a joke. kens going to get a lovely email.

oh and i emailed tony b.liar the other day to campaign against ending world debt. please do the same here

Saturday, January 01, 2005

all is quiet on new years day...

well unexpectedness sometimes means its more fun. after mentioning as many times as poss to as many peeps as poss, i finally got a last minute invite to my mates friends house warming party. so armed with cava and wine i headed off to docklands, from where i would get a lift to southend.

i had been listening to on of my new cds 'a grand dont come for free' by the streets all day and thought ooh lets pop on one of my other new cds 'greatest hits' by goldie lookin chain. little did i know that the track 'half man half machine' would be sooo funny, people were staring at why i was laughing so much. i nearly wet myself on the dlr. soap bar brings back memories too.

so the party was already in swing when we arrived, a quick introduction and drink in hand within ten minutes our host had whipped out her secret santa present of razzle magazine. we spotted a pile and a yeast infection and that you only get £20 per pic printed. we figured some blokes had sent them in of their birds and spent the money themselves on booze.

then we had the shots game. idea is you raid your home bar and produce a number of shots for each guest. the glasses are numbered and you pick a number from the bowl and you get the corresponding shot. there was a selection from gin, vodka, tequila, baileys, water, ouzo, olive oil and absinthe. lethal.

then onto some abba/madonna/kylie and fireworks for midnight. then things get a bit muddy but i do remember at 3 in the morning the three remaining boys having a 'dance off' against the three remaining girls, which we won. and with that i retired at around 4..

we even won today tooo.. 2005 is turning out to be ok :)

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