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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

my first lot of pics from holiday are here

if you have any questions please ask

more soon

ps can someone hire a hitman a kill sophie anderton pls??

Monday, November 29, 2004

Namibian food and drink discoveries

1) Springbokkie shots
half pepper mint liqueur half amarula

2) rooibos tea
yummy caffeine free tea full of antioxidants

3) melrose cheddar
squeezy cheese in a jar

4) bushmans sosatie
barbecued zebra ostrich crocodile and kudu

Sunday, November 28, 2004

i'm back and africa-lagged. i miss everything already. i want to be in the landy, searching for spoors or checking box traps (also known as cat-flaps and jock straps) or doing game count. i love the company, the food, the open camp fire and starry starry nights, the noise of the jackals, the frogs and the birds. i have the best skin in years and every day loved every minute as i was totally stress free.
the only downer was we didnt see any cheetah. but i have learnt so much, even able to find cheetah spoors before the bushman tracker! and i didnt miss anything here at all (ok well maybe a good bath, but thats it).
i'm going to put the piccies up soon, but they dont say whats in my heart. now more than ever i know what i want to do for the rest of my life.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

sorry cant stop, off to africa! back soon!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

woo hoo! won another tenner on the lottery.

its all getting very exciting. the forecast is 33 degrees celsius in windhoek. i only have to get films for my non knackered slr and we're set. i'm going to the royal geographical society on tuesday to hear a talk about cheetahs from jonathan scott. hes the geezer that got pooed on by a cheetah in big cat diary week last year. and i'll miss two weeks of boring xmas adverts. and i'll have a great tan for the xmas parties. yay!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

are they too short? Posted by Hello

emergency dilemma. bought these frye a likes yesterday and they are two inches shorter than regular fryes. am wondering if this is a critical factor, and its harming me liking them. will send pic of them with dress which is tonights going out outfit later.

meanwhile last night went to a crap fireworks and bangers and mash party. although i had fish cakes cos im veggie, the mash and boston beans were great. we even had nigella chocolate gingercake for afters yummy!
on to the crap fireworks. there were a couple of dud rockets that had a spectacular ascent only to emit a rather pathetic 'putttt' at the end, a bit like a royal fart. but other than that asda's box of tricks came up trumps. the space wars ones were such loud screechers that we had to take evasive action to protect our hearing, and the star shooter was really lovely. considering some chinese person probably died during the making of the fireworks they really were a treat. we were also meant to be 25 meters away but it looks like six was fine. i thoroughly enjoyed the show and even managed to write my name three times before my sparkler went out. yay!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

well last night has to be the most bizarre night ever. we got tickets to this event, named 'the seven deadly sins' at tiger tiger bar to celebrate some website being redesigned or something. each room had a 'theme' loosely based on the legend of the seven sins. for example toni and guy were doing free haircuts in the vanity room, which apparently didnt turn out exactly as each victim had requested. (lol)

after swapping our beer voucher for another pink champagne voucher (half a bottle of champagne went down too quickly, must be a habit from my holiday in france) we camped out in the games room, playing table football waiting for the free fish and chips and goats cheese mozzarella to come out. it was like being a chick in a birds nest as the little beaks made sure the waitresses' didnt get very far before their plates were empty. and surprisingly no one else wanted to play table football which was good, so we were 'almost' waited on whilst playing.

after a while we noticed some other 'party games' and novelty items on the next table. these included mint filled chocolate willies, chocolate nipples and chocolate builders bums. great dessert! somehow even though its only a chocolate shape, the men wouldnt eat the chocolate willies. its only food!!! we left after playing russian roulette with chocolate shapes, the booby prize being some had chilli in them, and it was quite strong chilli.

the major thing was that the whole night there were a distinct lack of any men over 5ft 5inches. being five foot 7 myself without heels it seemed i had inadvertently stepped into some kind of midget festival. along with the slimy indian men that tend to hang out there, there was a man in shoulder length meatloaf style hair with matching leather trousers and some guys trying too hard to be trendy hairdresser types like paul/aidee from the salon. yuck. and they were all still too short.

most scary of all was later in the evening when there was an outrageous display of dad dancing ever. physically jumping up and down blokes, crazy 50s style lifts and flinging around into the crowd plus david brent style over the topness affected my lowly shape shifting and i had to retire. plus a dj who mixed by continually fading in and out to silence was very annoying.

in the goody bag we got, toni and guy magazine, zoo magazine, mini bottle of shampoo (ideal for holiday), tia lusso minature, a mars delight, a beer cooler jacket, a grolsch lighter in the shape of a gas cylinder and a fancy pen. next time, i have vowed, we will be going to a ninjatunes night where there will be sexy men. my turn, my call. laters.......

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

well, i seem to have bounced back, partly due to the fact i scored the shoes. yes the silver twist shoes are mine, although the size fives are slightly too big, i'm sure some insoles and things from boots will solve.

am tinternet shopping for boys. probably setting myself up for more disappointment but its occupying my mind in the meantime. its funny what people say, like 'handsome' and putting pics up of themselves on red trousers, which automatically want you to press 'delete'. oh and looking well old and putting down 30 as their age when its obvious theyre 40. i mean be honest!!!

9pm is becoming a tough choice. i mean last night there was spooks, dead ringers election special, chav tv and monarchy to choose from. tonight ancestors, most haunted and seconds from disaster. thank god for plus one channels.

Monday, November 01, 2004

dont panic

i read hicth hikers when i was about 14. i read nearly all of the five books. after the last few days, i wont be surprised if we are blown up by vogons, i meet a talking mattress or i use a probability drive to determine my future. in a way my consequences spreadsheet has been a probability drive, calculating the results of each of my possible decisions. and then after all, it seems plan A is going to work after all.

id like to thank all the people who have cheered me up over the last couple of days. just when you want to eliminate all mankind for being so un fair towards you, a few gems speak up and convince you to bury your wmd's for another day.

i love the way we are ganging up against the states. not only about the injust war, but also the non-signing of environmental policies. even queenies getting involved. i'm going to africa again soon. i think this is a relatively well off part of africa but still living on a fragile edge of environmental balance. at least i'm doing my bit, i've bought eco-friendly washing up liquid and laundry liquid, fairtrade coffee and will buy energy saving bulbs when this one blows. i dont have a car and i recycle everything i can. its only a small bit, but its easy to do. but it doesnt mean anything if bush keeps being oil crazy. he'll be dead when the impact hits his grandchildren.

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