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Thursday, September 30, 2004

life is very odd.
am at my parents house this week, after the wedding of the year last saturday. i actually had a good time at this one. probably cos i knew lots of people. and i ended up meeting my ex boyfriends dads drinking pal. which was weird. but soon the happy smile wears off, when you realise that your stuck, the same as when your 15, in your old bedroom wishing you had someone special yourself. selfish i know, but five years of singledom gets to you after a while.
as does being back at home. my parents have both retired now so they are around 24x7. and they tend not to do much so that means 24x7x365. and everything is magnified. everything seems to be a moan. and i only have a certain tolerance level about how its all doom and gloom.
only playing hide the treat with the cat is letting me survive. im sure he thinks hes a dog. he doesnt miaow properly, always wags his tail, isnt frightened of anything and eats whole bones.
anyways i saw trinny and suze last night and have made decision no. 561367 that i will make more of an effort when i go out to the shops etc.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

ive returned from my holiday (my pet hate is colleagues calling it 'vacation'. since when do we bow to their words when we invented english??). i had a lovely time in the loire valley, not far from Tours. and i mean a lovely time. we saw chateaus, troglodyte caves, barn owls, a praying mantis, visited a vineyard and went horse riding. as there were seven of us who all met on our course in uni, then i only took a few pics, which are on my photo page, with more being sent to me by the others.

every night we were in the hot tub, with champagne, watching the shooting stars. to be away from the dirt and noise, to be in the dark, to be virtually on our own for miles was fantastic.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

batteries not included

see i need two small dumpy batteries for my SLR. normal SLR camera, not even a digital one (yet) am already thinking christ how many batteries will that crunch thorugh...... anyways yes theyre called 'CR2' batteries and resemble small fat child batteries. and the price? for two? in boots it was £13.75.

£13.75 *picture jaw dropping, eyes rolling, putting back of battery pack*

in snappy snaps they were £7.99 each!

so t'internet to the rescue (again). two panasonic CR2 batteries delivered next day for £6.29. i thank you. its a brilliant site, www.battery-force.co.uk they sent me the batteries within 24 hours and also with a sweetie and 5% off the next purchase. check it out, save your money!!!!
drinking cava and slim fast together is paying off.........

i always do things weirdly i think. like last night i finally got round to getting the drill out (even though it conveniently been positioned next to the door of the cupboard under the stairs during last clean out of said cupboard and the cupboard is less than two meters away from required area). the fact my pictures have been lying in the corridor for two months and i waited until around 11pm to start drilling is odd. voila! my three papyrus paintings or various ancient egyptian wall drawings now make my corridor a bit like Queen Nefertaris tomb. cool.

finally finally got my camera back. after canon has had it six weeks, i calmly pleaded my case and explained how i am going on holiday and they managed to fix it two weeks ahead of schedule. my determination of ringing every day also paid off. persistance is the key.

and finally id like to applaud weight watchers food. and i'm not actually eating it to be thin or for a diet i'm eating it cos its nicer than other stuff. for example my favourite yoghurts are vanilla and toffee. the ww ones are fat free, not watery and really yummy. and the spicy bean pate is a great sandwich filler. also the chocolate and marshmallow dessert was fab.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

its been a weird few days.
just seen krusty from the simpsons mix champagne with chocolate slim fast milk shake. and guess what i have in my fridge? yes cava and chocolate slim fast milk shake. its all becoming very surreal again.

i've started xmas shopping already. well, if i see something thats going to make me my sisters favourite sister for £12 then i'm going to take the prize! and it was from marks.

did you know the worlds heaviest person weighed 99 stone? thats like over ten mes.

sometimes scheduling goes wrong. so far this year the teacher training association had to pull their use your head campaign (which featured headless people remember it?) during the news when it featured reports of beheadings in iraq. so when they advertised for medicine sans frontiers during a break from the siege in russia on friday which started with an appeal for people in chechnya it wasnt a surprise.
i was quite amazed at itns broadcasting during the siege. julian manyon was reporting live from the schoolyard whilst the battle between soldiers and terrorists carried on about 25 feet away. all the time you could hear gun fire and he repeatedly mentioned bullets flying past his head. totally outranked the bbc.
today he reported that one of the first pupils to be buried had 47 bullet wounds in her back. i think there are some really horrid people out there.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

god i did sooooo much today

wrote three reports. they involved using access and excel, neither my strong points. but all the frustrating graphs from yesterday were a doddle to fix today and i think i'm self teaching. and my personal objective this year is to learn more about access. pity they dont realise its for my new career, not the dead end one i'm in now.

bought mams birthday pressie. a lavender scent impregnated cushion you can put in the microwave. she cant sleep and so i thought this would be cool or er hot. and being north of newcastle you need all the bed warming things you can.

sorted out blood thing. apparently dont need to know. was a bit frustrated my co-expeditioner was told to give blood to find out her blood grouping by her nurse.

phoned camera people to complain about length of the repair. i think four weeks is excessive let alone eight. will ring everyday until they fix it. i need it for crying out loud. its not made me boil yet, bigger fish to fry first.

found some cool jobs. like lots of cool jobs for the wildlife trust. at least two i would really really like to do, but the mortgage and the holidays wont allow it. hopefully i can find something cool after my course. plurrlease?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A B or O?
You wouldnt think it was so hard. I apparently need to know my blood group and rhesus factor (ie positive or negative) for my trip away.

1. i ring my doctors. they direct me to a private hospital a little distance away.
2. ring private hospital. i need a blood form from my doctors.
3. ring doctors again. apparently theyve never had this before and dont have any blood forms for the private hospital. have to pick up form and it will cost £30
4. dont have £30 for blood test. ring bupa. another thing i'm not covered for.
5. ring mam. shes A+. she says i can give blood and they tell me what group i am.
6. look at blood website. seem to be ok. ring helpline. yes, although it takes 4-6 weeks it will tell me what group i am. hate needles and blood being taken so spend most of night terrorfied of the thought, but if i get to know my group for free then thats ok. fair exchange of blood for knowledge that i need to know that i will be sent anyway?
7. msn mate all morning asking about what giving blood is like. freak a few times.
8. muster up the courage to go for a test at the donor centre to see if i'm elligble.
9. get to donor centre. explain situation. apparently they cant guarantee that i would find out my blood group (?) and that giving blood to find out my group isnt good enough.
10. leave donor centre. no group info= no blood theyre so desperate for.
11. go on tinternet. test £9. and i can test my dad so we can work out everyones group.
12. stick two fingers up to the NHS. bunch of unhelpful jobsworths who are in the public sector but hate the public. id obviously fit in there ;)

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