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Thursday, July 29, 2004

slartibartfasts from the past

was doing a late night renaissance with er my renaissance cds cos i get hyped when i hear the cream classics adverts, and i reckon i can give grace a run for her money on 'its not over yet'
each cd brings back so many memories, and for my addled mind then and the effects subsequently i am surprised i can remember.

in amongst a fairly recent one i find a gem, the beloveds sweet harmony, a classic form their album i listened to incessantly when holed up in my pink 14 year olds bedroom. it brought such a smile to my face, i think cos i now can do what i want with my life, and i made it, i made it away from that place. that was renaissance ibiza.

then renaissance worldwide singapore.  very deep, down and dirty, summing up my first few months in london. i cant survive without my separates and this was a little piece of home i couldnt wait to have, my little hovel was comforting if i had my tunes, if nothing else.

harking back to uni theres the original renaissance cd. it was a breakthrough, the first kind of commerically successful mix cd. like the beginning of a chapter. a whole chunk of my life summed up in 180 minutes. so many different crazy nights, usually post club oddities, like the night we came back from seeing todd terry at the hac, £2 on the bus from leeds, had a curry in there before going down canal st and then back for todds beach party. class.

am sure peeing off the neighbours hee hee

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

am soooooooooo excited!!!
booked my holiday for next year, three weeks turtle monitoring on an island off Thailand in January.
cant wait. and i have two weeks in Namibia cheetah tracking in November. And a week in France in a cottage in the Loire Valley with a pool and hot tub.  Its the only thing that keeps me going, apart from planning the move to the north west and enjoying my last few months in the big smoke. ive even got a spreadsheet to track my expenses. how sad is that?

Monday, July 26, 2004

funny how some people you can erase from your circle of friends, whilst others are harder to rub out?
i have two mates who i used to be really close to who now dont speak to me very much at all. and i know theyre avoiding me. i was at first kind of bothered and not sure what i had done 'wrong'. i think its just one of those things, some people arent meant to be your friends forever, some are.
its a natural selection process of knowing who you'll always be friends with. i do have mates who i dont keep in contact with all the time, but we meet every so often and have a big old gossip, catch-up and night out. no problems.
then there are those that drift into your life and ultimately drift out. a certain phase or area friends, those who change. but i still cant seem to delete their numbers from my mobile, or my emails from them, put a lid on it. i have done it to other people i am sure, kind of moved away and not kept in touch, but i do value my friends an awful lot now, compared to in the past. i just hope my move up north will allow me to fill a couple of newly opened gaps..... :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

mmm. Ive negelected one of my fave 'hobbies' which is dinner parties. i used to do big roasts and i think becoming vegetarian that it would restrict what i could cook for a party and therefore stopped doing it. but inspiration flashed into my brain today as i love fish, and cooking fish (thanks to jamie o) can be a brilliant alternative. its healthy, quick to cook and also something new for me to try. i am quite a good cook and i love eating fish. now all i need is the time and money to kick off hosting again. its always better than cooking for one. (all say big ahhh now)
went to see farenheit 9/11 last night. i've never seen a human body burnt to a char and strung up in the street before. my mam said all along that they had plenty of time to shoot the planes down after they went off course. the whole thing makes me want to jump off the corporate hamster wheel now, but i must spin gold and reap my returns before reverting to a less stressful and wage dependant lifestyle. pieces of the film that stuck out for me was the fact bush read my pet goat whilst terrorists were killing 3,000 on 9/11, the people of moores home town of flint comparing their run down areas to bombed iraq, the election night farce and subsequent backlash to bush's presidency, his business dealings including running all his companies into the gorund, insider dealings and gas pipes across afganhistan for his mates benefits. whilst the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, not only the future for iraq but its evident in our back yard too. no wonder everyone is becoming so disillusioned with it all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

very very odd day yesterday. even the font in blogger changed without me asking.

anyways i was thinking about embarrassing cds i had following neil at oeillades post about owning spice girls albums. i momentarily thought shola ama might be considered 'uncool' and what the devil happened to her. as if by magic an article appeared in the evening standard (london rag) that she had disappeared after winning loads of awards and being hailed as the bright young thing to spend all her days and money on charlie. mystery solved.

secondly boiler woes. i tried to do the least complicated, locally spirited option but theyre all the same. it seems anyone in a 'trade' loves glorifying themselves about how much they know, and how much i dont know (especially when I dont actually care), and that the installation is all wrong and the sharp intakes of breath when it comes to getting parts and prices. it was, even my fault that he couldnt come earlier cos he lives far away. im like 2 mins walk away from his shop? surely thats the point? and i am sorry to say that because i am a woman i was described as a moaner and intimidated by this guy, just because three hours and one minute since he left (saying a couple of hours wasnt accurate enough) it wasnt working again and I was apparently rude when I said I hadnt seen the outside pipe leaking. I have now signed up to British Gas central heating care for £24 a month, which covers all repairs and any emergencies and can supply many heating engineers that will finish the job and also perhaps treat me as a customer. We'll wait and see, but it was worth the satisfaction of telling the guy not to bother to come back cos i have found some one else. The one time I agree a big corporate giant can kill off small businesses and close him down.

I got on the rush hour tube today for the first time in four days. I did as always get a seat, but had my toes stood on, my kness knocked four times by a guy with a breifcase three times the size of a normal one and had to battle my way out to get off. This is worse than normal but am going to have tow ork from home more often. Have been told Prestwich is a nice place to buy.........

Saturday, July 17, 2004

mmm mmm mmmmm!!! I have had a lovely day :)
firstly i met my mate and we had a wander round the stalls in covent garden. Then we went to j sheekeys for lunch. its the sister restaurant to the ivy and best fish restaurant in square meal. we had the weekend lunchtime special, three courses for £18.50. i had the scrambled eggs 'new yorker style', the infamous sheekeys fish pie, and milk choclate tart for desert. can only describe it as perfect. class atmosphere and service, tip top food. ate so much could hardly move, but we had to get to the eye.
having lived in london now for six years and the eye being around for four i still hadnt managed to get onboard the moving capsules of the wheel. today i suceeded to curb the vertigo a little and take a birds eye view of the city i live in. its amazing how far you can see, how far london stretches out and the glimpses of distant rolling hills. i could see the new wembley arch. i think i need to come back in the evening to see london by night. very good.
i spied from the corner of the eye some trampolines outside kens old house, the former general london assembly, now the saatchi gallery. now if you dont know me you dont know how much i like bouncing. so as soon as we got off we investigated. basically you get strapped into a harness thats elasticatedly attached to two poles at the side of the trampoline which allows you to bounce really really high. wearing a skirt and no socks i was not suitable dressed but still determined to have a go, and relieved to find the trampolines are there every day until spetmeber. so guess what my birthday present is going to be? :) now where can i find one adult lady size tigger outfit? boing!!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2004

A couple of good news items. Firstly it seems finally people will be fined for litter dropping. Hurrah. Something i have been wanting to happen for ages.
Secondly there seems to be a surge in Liberal Democrat support as demonstrated at last nights by-elections. having grown up under maggie and didnt like kinnock much either am glad we are finally getting more than a two horse race. its a bit like when telecoms was deregulated and we only had the choice between BT and mercury. now look at the choice. at least i can make more of a personal decision based on who where and what i can and which time. :)
following on from yesterdays theme, todays word is 'tapped'. quite amamzing that those er socially challenged should spend so much time and effort into their craziness and then miss the point when they are exposed. makes me confirm that i am a good judge of character.
todays challenge, tax return. does anyone like them??

Thursday, July 15, 2004

i found something very interesting today and was going to comment about strange people on t'internet. but theyre not on 't'internet' theyre in real life. it makes me laugh when my mam gets worried about my www usage as if suddenly with the invention of the super highway paedos, psychos and rapists multiplied. they havent of course. theyre just more accessible. and able to be more freakish.
am increasingly becoming exasperated with the job. and i still have 13 months to go. nit-picking, lack of authority and boredom reign highly in the everyday sludge, which includes a tiring trip of sweaty tubes and fumed filled walks. i will laugh when i have a mortgage of about £100 a month plus a room to rent out. and being a smelly student. will probably end up having more money for food and clothes ironically. well fingers crossed. no doubt it will all go wrong.
to the tao commentor: if you see things as a pessimist then anything that goes right is a bonus. and therefore makes me happy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

today all i wanted to do was lie in a field in a sleeping bag with a woolly hat on and sunglasses. i have a head cold and i think sweating it out in the fresh air would have been lovely. but instead i sat in an air conditioned office and was bored to death. hence eating a whole tub of mango sorbet when i got home.
i managed to sort out my mortgage on my house. found out that i cant get a mortgage for less than £25,000 as its classed as a loan. all very strange. but i have changed to a 'discounted' mortgage which means although i had to pay for it (again) the mortgage is 'portable' onto my next property and i can pay extra payments whenever i like. so for example instead of taking 35k over 10 yrs i can take 35k over 21yrs and still pay more when i can but not freak out when i cant. sounds good. now all i need to do is finish tidying this pit, get it valued, sold and find something that i like in manc land. easy.

Monday, July 12, 2004

its veggie sausages beans and mash for tea tonight!!!
went to the orrery posh conran restaurant yesterday. it was yummy. we had a cucumber gazpacho and anchovy stick as a treat from the chef, then i had english pea soup, bream with oranges and mash and then gingerbread ice cream. we were being ladies who lunch.they do white asparagus as well downstairs in the epicerie. i am off to j sheekeys on saturday for lunch again. it won best seafood restaurant in square meal and is the sister to the ivy. yum. cant wait.
i cleaned all my kitchen cupboards out on saturday and washed everything. i just need to clean the fridge, hoover under the bed, decide what to do with my mountain of make up and tidy the living room and the house has been summer cleaned. just a small pot of paint to get to paint over the marks and then its ready for revaluing. ha ha ha.
wonder how much tax rebate i'll get when i am a student.......

Thursday, July 08, 2004

ok you will be pleased to know pink lippy has been found, purchased at reduced price of £2.99 (and also collected points) and worn regularly. phew!
i also have got new camera phone which i thought i had lost within 24 hours but hadnt and had left it at home instead.

have been away from london again the past couple of days and have noticed a new trend thats happening. it seems that magic mushroom shops are now appearing as the new corner shop and that my friend is having them once a month as its healthier than alcohol. i'm not an angel myself when it comes to these things but i think that as she didnt 'experiment' a lot during uni that she might be going through a phase. but i'm not totally comfortable with the thought that its becoming a regularly weekend activity when theyre not doing anything else.
and what about off their face chavs and kids doing all sorts of things? i am hearing myself sound very daily mail but i am concerned that in the UK we like to take things to extremes. at least with pills and coke its usually concentrated to within clubs and bars so its kind of 'housed'. i dont see the same 'boxing in' with mushies, usually its a park or stay at home type experience but knowing the youth of today no doubt there'll be horror stories a plenty before long.
i think i have messed with my mind enough to know i can be pretty trippy without much assistance and am in now way going to be trying the hallucinogenic experince ever again. its bad enough with malaria tablets and cheese before bedtime. and i do understand people should have the right to consume naturally occurring substances. what i am always afraid of is my personal safety, the sanity of my friends and the backlash reaction of the law.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

hooray, three good things.
1) Pink lipstick bought and established. and it was on cheap
2) new dkny handbag purchased, again on the cheap
3) new mobile with radio and camera phone woo!!

i only need an i-pod then the materilastic kid that i am is satisfied. now wheres that manual.....

p.s. anyone got any property buying tips for manchester???

Sunday, July 04, 2004

am already stressing about phase two of the plan. i have several options to choose from and each has benefits and disadvantages. in typical minnow style i will continue to panic unless presented with all the facts, figures and options. which i wont get quick enou8gh. it doesnt help that i havent eaten cheese for the past six days either. :(

today i cleaned the bathroom in true kim and aggie style, chucking out most of the medicinal cabinet past its best and cosmetics that i just dont/wont use. and i did a massive pile of ironing which is my most hated chore of all. i feel better. however kitchen still needs to be de-gunked and bedroom dusted with the things under the bed sorted.

i really need a pink lipstick kind of raspberry-ish, to the point where its becoming an all consuming must buy. good job i have a customer meeting tomorrow in soho to fit in some lunchtime shopping ;)

went to see my mates bf's samba band last night in a club underneath a club in brixton. very cool and very loud. i had many caiprinhas for only £4, but a cheeky tap water at the bar and bag of chips on the way home seems to have been a cunning hangover avoidance plot.

Friday, July 02, 2004

cos everyones changing and i dont feel the saaaame.....

the anthem, summer 2004, i thank you.

am a bit disturbed. my cable remote went all confused and i rang them and they said it was cos it was low battery power. why cant it just stop working rather than not let me choose four? anyways it needed triple A's and that means special battery purchase cos theres nothing else chez minnow that requires thin ones. so of course i bought a pack in woolies, but they only come in fours and i only require three. so my dilemma is, what do i do with the spare one?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

theres two ways to get me to buy a cd
1) produce a 'grower' that by the time ive heard it three or four times i cant get it out of my head and urgently need to buy it at woolies on the way home and blast it out of my exceptionally large 3.5 foot speakers.
eg keane album. £10 well spent today ams even though you are muchos skintos
2) be one of my fave tunes i havent yet got round to buying on cd.
eg best of john lennon.

unfortunately i didnt get the seasonal first aider post at london zoo. the lady was lovely and i have told her to keep me on record. nevermind. this now means i can go to another boring hen weekend.
not sure why my mates who are lucky enough to be getting married insist we all traipse somewhere and spend loads of money when they dont want to get dressed up and do anything exciting. so a meal and then a few drinks will be consumed, a stay in a hotel and then back down home. woo hoo can hardly wait for that waster of a weekend.
am taking my mate to the orrery for her birthday lunch.its a conran restaurant on marylebone, review on return. 3 courses £23.50 bargaino. i'd have preferred j sheekeys but she is defo meat girl and not fish. nevermind.

funny the way men 'come and go'. i currently have five irons in the fire toasting away at various degrees kelvin. some get hot and cold, some just simmer along and some really should be put out of their misery. ho hum.

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