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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

have been watching vic and bobs new series, catterick, on bbc3. its brilliant. bit like smell of reeves and mortimer crossed with league of gentlemen. matt lucas as the hotel manager is hilarious, just wonder how they manage to do takes without bursting out into laughter.
rip off britain. have to get my passaporte renewed. £47? for what? I have to fill in the form, which looks like its electronically read, i have to get photos and then send it to them, what do they do with it? its like one printed page on the back of the passport and a photo to be stuck on then laminated. i bet they make a mint and can do like one passport a minute. thats £22560 a day?
made a lovely pasta salad just from leftovers, like pasta, peppers, tomatoes, tuna and red onion. I love red onion. add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and yum in my tum.
am going to the hairdressers tomorrow and going to ask for a cross between liv tyler and the girl from hustle and plain dark chocolate. will be very happy or disappointed but hey ho.
made my corsage today. for £2.35 i think I could be making these full time for fat profit (sell at £20?)
wish i had digi camera.......

Sunday, February 22, 2004

have a really sore throat. thats what you get for being in a recycled air environment with small children in a pressurised tin.
another classic tooting moment this after'. walking into the centre there seemed to be this almighty bust up going on just outside of new look with a bloke screaming at his bird and her screaming back, so much so that the lights had gone green and no-one was crossing and everyone coming out of the tube were stopping and staring. brought the whole of tooting to a standstill. very amusing.
ps if you buy skinless and boneless cod from the wet fish counter in sainsburys it shrinks
have bought one of the greatest inventions ever and its based on how a cats bum works. yes one of those honey in a squeezy tube is brilliant, it allows you to squirt out honey without any drips or mess. apparently it was devised after seeing how a cats sphincter lets out the excreta without causing mess. another fine example of how cats are superior. (sorry its aussie honey as gales dont do it in the squeezy pack)

Saturday, February 21, 2004

crikey, charton vs blackburn looked a good match.......
anyway just got back from Madrid. was pretty hectic and lets say did the full madrid experience. perhaps going to bed at midnight and then having to get up at four am for the flight wasnt such a good idea but i dont like going to see customers and so was edgy. was flying iberia and their idea of a vegetarian breakfast was courgette sarnies. yuck. had to make face screwed up. we rocked up to the hotel which is in the salamanca district- basically where all the posh shops are. went to this well nice tapas bar for lunch, having a colleague and his wife who are both spanish to force me to eat clams and octopus and stuff was great. had this fish pie (as in crusty pie not soft potato top) which was out of this world, they said its the spanish equivalent of pizza and everyone takes it to the beach apparently. i want someone to open a proper tapas bar and make some for me. went off to customer meeting, all goes well except taking longer than usual. back to the tapas bars for some pre-dinner drinks and then off out to this restaurant that one of the customers was taking us to as its from his home region. had some cheese that was like dead sock cheese and was actually grey and it was minging. however had this dreamy blue vein cheese that i devoured. had crab for mains and then something like a moussey cheesecake that tasted like it was made from a vanilla milkshake, very yummy. after that headed out to two clubs, but being a work thing you cant really have a true good laff, but the second club was like the inside of a church, which i thought for catholic spain would be a sacriledge but after being up for 24 hours and getting rather pickled i called it a night at four am. made it to the shops on saturday morning, buying a skirt with my spare euros from last time which technically makes it free and a bling ring to match my dkny one. *really wish had camera fone to show u* went to the thyssen art gallery which had some interesting pieces in there good examples of modern stuff. did remind me that the rodin museum is my fave with afew of his pieces. particularly liked bart van der lecks woodhacker and freidrich vordemberge-gildewart's white on white. take a virtual tour here:museo thyssen. good flight back with BA *i love BA* who gave met a hot cheesey panini, fruitini and a lemon muffin. now thats proper veggie food. flight only slightly marred by screaming child, annoying bloke sat next to me just general dickhead and woman screeching far toon loudly that a kit kat wasnt in her veggie meal. f.o. now my feet are like the sorest ever after walking all around madrid in heels but its practice for next weekends wedding!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

so how did the loo roll forum go minnow I hear you all ask? we'll it all started very good, got paid cash in hand before doing anything (£65 cheers!!) and lots of pret sandwiches and cake. so all we had to do was pic images and words we associated with aloe vera and also look at straplines for loo roll and say which ones we liked and why and which ones we didnt like and why, for two hours, but being em talking for two hours flew by and it was home time with money very quickly. hopefully more will be coming up soon.
have been naughty and bought two books in the excuse that they are relevant to my future career. and off to the library tomorrow for a map of madrid and stuff, see what dvds they have on lend....libraries are much more in touch in london, e-mailing for renewals even texting for queries!!
ps where were all you valentines for me?

Friday, February 13, 2004

quick blog today
I have found recently that I am getting praised for other peoples work that I ahve either ammended subsequently or initially begun. however I *do* feel guilty but have not admitted it was 'all my own work'. its a dog eat dog world out there and sometimes being a cute cat you can get away with these things, until you leave the corporate cess pit behind........
Dad told me a funny story yesterday. Apparently as Mam always enters competitions, especially cat food ones, there had been a call from a certain well known cat food manufacturer to the house asking what our said feline likes to eat. Now this guy would have been having a fairly normal day with responses like felix, chicken, whiskars etc. He didnt count on our house.
Conversation goes like this:
Cat Food Man: Hi We're just doing a survey on pet foods. Can I ask you do you have a pet?
Dad: Yes a cat.
CFM: So how old is it and whats its name?
D: He's called Ollie after NUFC player Olivier Bernard and is about a year old.
CFM: So what does he like to eat?
D: Well we call him the vacuum hoover
CFM: ??? What do you mean?
D: Well he eats crisps, currants, sprouts, anything that you possibly can really....
CFM: wow thats amazing, we'll ceratinly be adding you to our prize draw !
D: Oh thank-you
CFM: bye!!
D: Ta-ra
CFM *puts down receiver, dials local funny farm* hi yes the survey was completed. he thought I was a cat food man........

Thursday, February 12, 2004

isnt pesto the best thing ever? well even better than that, sainsies have brought out spinach pesto and its the yummiest!!! especially on tomato, pepper and raw mushroom salad.....
am so busy and in the style of Tilesey i am
this weekend: off to exeter
monday: catch up with mate from school at her house
tuesday: bog roll forum
wednesday: cinema
thursday till monday:sister coming down
friday & saturday: madrid
tuesday: drinks with v
wednesday: hair done
thursday: go oop north for wedding on the saturday
and I still have to sort out holiday!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

today was one of those days. had a wardrobe 'malfunction' so was late anyways, had a customer complaining he had to do some work, the other one not convinced that the problem was theirs, a complete tosser being horrid to me and i was about this far > < away from leaving the place, just doing the walk. but i stayed. and did lots of work. helps make it seem quicker till the weekend.
was amused by what moby wrote about the superbowl 'event'. he basically was saying that at the end of the day it was a breast, and that a nation that quite easily lets its ten year olds watch programmes and films where people are shot with automatic weapons is more acceptable than the human body. and he is american. i think its cos they dont have 'the sun'.
am looking at the intinerary for our trip, its pretty packed but I am sure this will be another rewarding adventure with a mixture of everything, three different wildlife encounters, a huge culture clash, a wedding, a few nights of parties and an awesome landscape.
am watching a tiger programme and this guy is basically trying to introduce captive born tigers into a sanctuary where they learn to be wild. hes basically treating them like I would with my own cat and its incredible. in one way id love to be able to get that close and stroke them but in another way its weird, almost like you know you shouldnt be able to cos they are wild and need to stay that way. at least he is re-introducing other species back into the sanctuary and removing the sheep farming that destroys the environment.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Sometimes I wish I was a looney so I can say all the things I really want to say. Like this morning I really wanted to say look love its 8.30, could you choose plain crisps instead of really stinky cheese and onion and its not really healthy is it? also things I would love to say to customers and friends, and I tell you I held my tongue so much this weekend I am proud of myself. i feel sorry for those I had to dump on afterwards tho.......
cant wait for my holiday now....even though its nine months away, been planning the whole trip and my plan for my new job and everything!!! Just cant wait, but shouldnt be wishing my life away......

Friday, February 06, 2004

This is sounding like a connex type blog, but sorry, I am away at a hen weekend, in the countryside somewhere near Derby so no service will be provided this weekend. Alternative blogs are available. This has to be the most badly organised event i have ever been to, and have personally rescued the main evening by providing games and cocktail menus, being a well prepared party animal.
Went to the destinations travel show at earls court last night. nibbles were severely lacking but did manage to get some calamari, turkish cheesy puff triangle thing, spring roll, cheese and a taste of some indian sauces. also got a shot of manx spirit for the isle of man which was nice although quite potent. got our itinerary for australia nailed down and i just need to persuade Z that camping in kakadu park will be fun. also hellokitty themepark was confirmed as we're going to tokyo on the way. just need to finalise wedding day times as we might get train from sydney to melbourne as it goes over night and is £39.... ooh and really want to go to antarctica now, its on cheap due to weak dollar and the man at the stand was very nice for a lichenologist.....
new thing for 2004..... dont u just love it when u are WFH and a parcel comes on that day and not the days when youre in the office? and where has bubble wrap gone? its been replaced by segmented bags of air, which are not as much fun but are recyclable which is more important.
anyways need to run as have girls things to do......

Thursday, February 05, 2004

sorry for the delay to this service. this is due to to a passenger fatality at balham sorry no it due to the t'internet being down last nite and being a busy minnow in work (which is a change) and outside of work (no change there then)
two important discoveries this week. went shopping yesterday for a corsage for my satin dress that I will be wearing to the forthcoming wedding (not my own hasten to add). anyways i wanted a feather one not a flower one to match my posh spice at daves obe inspired hat. house of fraser for johnny loves rosie..... mmm possibility at £10 for a flower in right colour red if desperate so no move to John Lewis. Cuehaberdasheryy. u can buy a pack of five feathers for a pound, so I buy two packs and will get some ribbon andglueu and hey presto have made my own corsage, exactly the way I want to for £2.50, and is in homage to the bride as she makes things and even made her own invitations. just happened to stop in jane norman on way to tube station and got cheeky tartan skirt (to be worn with white shirt) for £6.25. cant wait to go out in it........
second one is that as kim and aggie from how clean is your house advised, red wine vinegar left for a couple of hours in bathroomoom sink does remove all traces of limescale and general scum and make my plug hole the most beautiful in britain again. hurrah.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

what do u do when u realise that what you get up for every day is just a waste of time? that no-one actually cares and that the ever shifting goalposts make the point not worth trying for? i'd like to think that i am efficient, without being a brown nose and complete everything that is asked. however when youre stuck forever between a rock and a hard place and u know any effort is not going to shift either, how long before u throw in the towel?
i see RW3 is in retirement. i'd say for about three months. and a touch sensitive too.
cant wait for choccy trombys moblog. also starting secret campaign for buying the desirables list....... more news on successful completion... mmm DKNY handbag coming my way!!

Monday, February 02, 2004

Vote John Lydon!! Hes great. Highly intelligent, witty and completely correct. Every time i see him on IACGMOOH, he just grows on me. Hes so funny and deserves to win, very entertaining!!
Went for a posh dinner yesterday at the England Rugby teams hotel where they train and do all their press conferences etc. There was a couple who knew Lord Brocket and the guy snorted when he laughed. It was all very mr chumley-warner and chocs away, but genuinely nice people. The old blokes thought I was great fun anyways and of course I dont turn down free champers.
I'm so tired.........

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