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Friday, January 30, 2004

i see now that you can be 'hired' as an internet girlfriend and all you have to do is send e-mails and make an occasional call. seems pretty easy, just keep a standard template and script and bobs yer uncle you can make someones day or make the hirers real friends jealous. piece of pee.
why do cooked tomatoes always maintain a temperature of 1000 degrees for far longer than any other food? they should come with a warning.
and since when has rrrrriiiiiiiiicky from stenders has a brain? he managed to work out janine killed barry just from pat saying that paul was hiding something and old mo saying ask janine? he should get his own detective series now that hes got the boot......
was doing really well on the savings front until had to buy my mate a birthday pressie. saw an eye mask and oils and gel kit on sale from boots, reduced from £18 to £6. Unfortunately then saw an electric toothbrush reduced from £30 to £15. So total spending was £23 including delivery and total saving £27.......
well a few places people would like to go to! interesting. would appreciate a comparison between paris and us disneyland- billy? anyone been to portmeirion?
have signed myself up as a volunteer for wildlife stuff, hopefully saving lickle animals and stuff will help me feel like a better citizen- even if its just clearing up litter it would make me feel better, i do have a bit of a monica syndrome. also big up to tescos who are going to introduce biodegradable carrier bags that can start to break down within 60 days. hopefully the others will follow suit, especially safeways as they pack your stuff for you so willingly when i only have two flights of stairs to negotiate i think i can manage without a bag thank you very much.
am dying to eat loads of fatty stuff- must be deficient in vanilla danishes!!

Thursday, January 29, 2004

so it snowed. wow. its not proper deep snow, and now its just frozen and become a death trap hence staying indoors and wfh. having a crazy time upstairs in my head, trying to figure out where i am going next and of course it has a big influence on the cash flow. am going to have to put in strategy to help me survive the intervening months. so if you were deported and werent allowed back into your current country of residence where would you go and what would you do?

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

ok quiz:
hair up or hair down?
sparkly hoop ear-rings or normal hoop ear-rings?
high heeled sandals or knee high boots?
sexy thong or commando?

please also provide list of any sexy surprises youve had or would like from someone special.......

Monday, January 26, 2004

There is a real blue witch. She lives at Tower Hill tube station. She is small rotund, wears a blue underground person uniform and has long grey hair. She screeches at you to use the correct exits, the sign posted way outs, the long way. She guards the short cuts with every last muscle and has an evil beady eye. One guy braved her today. He ran the gauntlet, he dodged the witchy. She turned and tried to grab him, but taking the two steps at a time strategy he made it, she shouted twice hey! but still he kept on running, nothing was going to stop him getting out the quick way. And the look of sheer disgust, of defeat, of complete and utter vengence was there, in the little blue witchs face.
update on savings: foloowing saturday nights entertainment i came home with 18 golden nuggets to be spent wisely this week. so far £2.21 on food for the rest of the week and then maybe a hat as its getting cold. have found digi camera for £300, its a sony DSC-P10 Cyber-shot and has 5 million pixel res and 3 times zoom and comes with 32 meg memory stick.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

sorry i havent posted. i didnt have any time to say anything. anyway stolen blatantly from Tilesey heres a list of things i like and dislike:
I like:
cats, including tigers, cheetahs and leopards

I dont like:
litter louts
people cycling on the pavement

Thursday, January 22, 2004

wow. cool shopping trip. one chinese handbag, two hello kitty bus pass holders (much nicer and more elite than oyster) and a hello kitty bag all for £10. they have some really nice tops in morgan.

forgot to mention on yesterdays post the claphamettes. these were two ladies on the tube who were chatting right next to me very posh-loudly so i couldnt help overhearing every yah-word. now I dont mind normal conversations or indeed funny ones but this one just had me clinging to the walls. it was just so... sickening. all plummy 'tea solves everything' and nosey sloaney 'gossip and tea' and chocks away 'tea and biscuits will sort it out' all in a stuck up voice with that kind of sentiment that youre being nice to someone and either you dont get on famously or you dont know them very long. i felt like saying stop it about the tea!! i think all of us here get the gist. move on!!! and so she did. to sewing. the other girl replied that she had got her mothers machine as her mother wanted a more 'whizzy' one. then the 'tea' girl went on about how her mothers machine had eaten clothes and it wasnt just her, it was auntie granny and possibly her brother even hwod had issues with the sewer. interject with me almost saying yes but i wish it had eaten you and you were in the darwin awards for last year.........
i saw four i-pods yesterday. four. just on two tube journeys. and i dont look round much when sat down so thats quite a high density. its all just a big tease as i am poor. well at leats i have eaten the most poo food i have in the freezer so everything else from now on should be much more appetising.
did i mention i'm going to see the chilli peppers?

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

was walking to the northern line this evening and there was a erm ok really fat woman walking in the bit where you are next to the DLR platforms. I had to step out to overtake her because she was waddling very slowly due to a) reading a book, b) stuffing her face and c) being the size of a f*ck off house. so she did the classic fat persons i'll just put the whole of the last bit of bar in my mouth really grossly and then turn off to the DLR platform without any consideration for those maneuvering round me (cos i'm huge) or that I havent taken my eyes of this page since upminster. so i tutted. as i then had to stop abruptly and let the walking mammoth by. i then got told that i should 'have said if i was in the way'. I thought no, i'd better not tell her shes always in the way, it might be to do with her glands.
am watching Backdraft as a fill in before cosmetic kids. wonder what happened to the baldwin brothers, apart from getting divorced from kim basinger. they're not popular now are they!
have realised finally what I want to do for the rest of my life. its only taken me 27 yrs.
oh yeah and a piece of advice to that girl in jail for saying she had a bomb in her bag: AMERICANS DONT GET IRONY!!!
word to fluffy, who joined MT today.

I have been visited by the four horsemen of the apocalypse. first there was famine (i.e. my diet) which will continue to live on the patio, providing fresh manure and incentive to stop being a lazy ass. second came pestilence in the form of mice (yes i know it means disease but i classify vermin as diseased and carriers). then there was war, between me and ron and me and the leaseholder. I only have death left, which nearly cam a knocking last night as i tried unsuccessfully to burn the place down. so I am really enjoying this new year......
some things to be jolly about: empty swimming pools on fridays, shameless on Ch4, new 'careers research', been taken out for posh luncheons.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

i was doing so well. i had lasted a week. going cold turkey was just too much. and i knew i was being bad. i was in the shop for something else and just had to get a packet. and now i've bought some i'll just have to finish them as well. i even bought the 'lights', but its not making me feel better. i should not carry cash in my purse. i have no will power, i have weakened. i feel awful.
I read* in the newspaper** today that breathing will cause serious health implications in later life. you could develop all sorts of horrid diseases, and your life expectancy could range from er... life to death. many people are now considering their breathing options.
Maureen, 52, from Basildon said she would be breathing less from now on, despite the decrease in gossiping. she also blamed it on the government.
Fred, 9, from East Lothian told me he would be practicing holding his breath, especially in class where fainting could get him half an hour in the medical room where Josie might show him her knickers. Or punch him.
hooray Henry from Alderly edge has bought himself an oxygen tent, even though the side effects could include owning a chimp and making crotch grabbing motions in public.
Nevertheless its spurned thousands of people from gyms, running for the bus has virtually been eliminated and soaps have had to be re written so there are no gasping cliffhangers.
Experts were linking this discovery with the theory that 'just looking at cake makes you put on ten pounds'.
A see a couple of new 'lads mags' have come out recently, noticeably one called Nuts. Its like 'take a break' but for men. I think it fits a niche in the market somewhere between 'the sun' and 'loaded' but obvious it cost around 95p. I think I should bring out a womens version, full of hints and tips on how to fix things without needing a man, how to improve your sex life without needing a man, how to improve the man in your life without needing another man, how to shock your man by becoming a sex expert overnight and also lots of pictures of nude men or semi-nude, and 'wet'. great. all done with the best photographers, writers etc.......
how many more ' ' 's can i get in?
* thought up
** in my mind

Monday, January 19, 2004

have been hit by a bolt of lightening. well not really. but have found the calling for my blog. you will see it when its formulated but for the moment its b.a.u.
thanks for the votes on the treat present, will be scouring the sales for a cheap camera (probably the canon A70?) and posting all sorts of piccie stuff soon. might even have to do two types of blog come to think about it....mmm.
am considering moving to bangalore. anyone been and any views?

Sunday, January 18, 2004

woke up in a bad mood today, which is quite funny cos i've been wondering what i'm angry about. on the current save money mission i'm kind of doing alright. if you forget the plumbing costs (which hopefully will get repaid soon and is another blog altogether when have the facts straight) and so far have spent £120, which includes £45 of train fares bought in advance to save money so really spent only £75. if I dont spend more than £400 by 15th of Feb then i can treat myself with one of the items from the wish list (see last week).
Next week will only need to buy salad and drinks at the birthday bash on saturday. I have worked out what I have bought in the freezer, tin cupboard and fridge and calculated I dont need to buy anything for two weeks. that helps!!
am watching villa v arsenal. it was horrible seeing all that blood coming out of henry's mouth and the villa fans booing him so much. his quick penalty, which i think was unfair, certainly shut them up.
have made some interesting progress towards 'the plan', and i am determined that something should happen. just worried that being here now in my flat is the best i'm going to get and would have to sacrifice it for a career i would love. its hard. maybe thats what i am angry about.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

had an interesting discussion with my hairdresser today. the hairdresser being mad monica of course. shes polish and very much into jungle and drum and bass. she went home for xmas for three weeks. she said that she couldnt believe how narrow minded people were back there, and how poor, deciding whether they could buy a pair of shoes or not, and this is when they only have one pair and they are worn out and its minus twelve. her parents were critical of her and she said to her dad, why cant you just like me for being me? she likes london but hates it aswell, but cant move back to poland. she doesnt want to stay but doesnt know wherelse to go. strange how people can mirror your experiences thoughts and feelings yet be from a completely different country.
just watched a korean film about five girls and what happens to them when they leave college. one of them goes to work for a brokers and gets obsessed with clothes and looks. one lives in a shanty house with her grandparents and struggles to get by. the house collapses whilst she is out and she is left with no relatives and no house. her other friend who is unpaid labour for her fathers firm, yearns to leave her family and does so with the orphaned girl at the end. another story from a completely different culture yet striking similar events and a certain tenacity to the story i could relate to. i guess we are the same all over. i did like it when one guy says there is a saying in Korea that a man who doesnt like cats will never get a good woman. wise.
*stop press news*
Henrik Larsson to join the toon on a free in the summer. fantastic. very cool.

Friday, January 16, 2004

update to the post from tuesday:
people who cycle on the pavement!! arrgh!! has to be more annoying if they are a) a postman or another pillar of society b) scabby child c) person with bike stuff on eg helmet etc.

had my yearly assessment yesterday. and for spending most of my time bloggin I got a very good mark. I met all my objectives and have mastered my role. and had 9 out of ten from the account teams which were outstanding apparently. well will milk the cow until the time is right to execute the plan.
felt so good went swimming today and for the first time in 15 years attempted front crawl. had to wait until the pool was good and empty and i was on my own completely. seems early friday nights are good. i dont like putting my face in the water and freak if i cant touch the bottom and i actually thought i was quite good. smooth action, no big splashing in fact dynamic controlled wiggling under the surface seemed to propel me along and may be incorporated into the routine. one length breast stroke one back front crawl. and need more calories burned as have put on another pound this week despite not eating any cheese. damn.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

you know when your getting old when:
you realise that your kids wont know film based cameras or cds
you start making a spreadsheet to compare prices of goods from different supermarkets (BW will be pleased)
you start thinking handbag or dyson? (well it does have £100 off in house of fraser)
you look forward to your weekend of diy and reading
you start to prefer fresh healthy food to take-aways
you start thinking about a second home in the country

so far so good. am feeling much better today as I know that whatever happens the money for the repairs yesterday will be repaid to me whatever means going. am hoping the ceiling dries out and that I can claim for redecorating costs, which cunningly will help buy a spare tim of paint (the whole flat is a cream colour to ease future sales) and save me money!! plus bought train ticket back to newcastle for this wedding in feb for only £20. bargain. and persuaded mam and dad to be my chauffeurs, seen as they wont let me drive. now only need red lippy and nail varnish and a lovely red satin bag.
have to be careful today as silly boss is in doing assessments. mine is this after'. am well good at talking about how good i am so will get top marks as usual. saving money still remains top priority and only allowed to buy a tin of pineapples and a tub of philiadelphia today. and i'm looking forward to a weekend of reading, exercise, DIY and msn of course. its like a mini de-tox without doing it properly, just need to drink more water...........

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

house of horrors!!
woke up at 2.30 am (which was unusual for me having only retired at 1am, and I like sleeping) to drip drip drip. WTF is that coming from? *investigates* ah the light fitting, bugger. *runs to get large tupperware box* mm will have to see if upstairs have left a tap on.... *rings doorbell* no answer, must be away. returns to bed (which was bad move as apprently the water could have caused a fire but I know that now) and wake up every tow hours to change the box.
ah seven am, *listens to hear if upstairs are moving*
mmm *rings doorbell*
right ah yes I see upstairs says, *bloke waits for me to do something*
so i'll ring a plumber yes? then the real trauma begins. first he cant find the leak. then its all a big mess. then i'll need my ceiling repinned etc etc. Left with £625 bill which would be ok but........
The Leaseholders arrange the insurance, which should have been done in August. Have sent two letters asking for insurance details, so not sure if insured. solicitors are nobheads, hence need to tread with caution. will keep you updated as have leaky roof and apprently £1000 in service charges to pay........

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

what really annoys me about my parents (apart from the state of their house) is that my dad has this really awful habit of every ten minutes or so, sniffing. a big sniff. for no reason. now I know he has hankies in his pocket and that he hasnt got a cold cos this has been going on for years. its just one of those irritating habits people develop especially when they are getting old. my sister fidgets and shifts position constantly too, dunno how she gets these boyfriends ;-)
but it gets me that now, cos dad sniffs so much, that if people do it in the office i need to get them hankies, and in the street or a shop, i have to move away. its become a personal nails down the blackboard scenario.
also the really loud yank in the office hasnt got any conference calls this morning and so has taken to whilstling all the time, out of tune with no tune.
am moments away from saying cant you just sit there and shut the f*ck up for a change?
what really gets your goat? relatives or co-workers that you'd like to kill?

Monday, January 12, 2004

I really really want:
- i-pod, pink £199
- d&g sunglasses £140
- DKNY handbag £90
- Digital SLR £700
- Digital party camera £300
- another pair of bum huggin jeans £140
- conservation holiday £2000
- trip to oz to see mates wedding and dolphins £2000
- louis vuitton bag (back of lorry job from sis) £40
- help?
its funny sometimes how your body adapts. and how you can feel one thing so passionately and not the next. still need some ideas for sponsorship- any ideas on what i can do (real ones as well as funny ones). like yesterday i was quite fired up with first anger at cheapo lidls cashier attitude (almost as if they train them to be rubbish and rude) to crashing compassion for the plight of those not as fortunate as me to bloody even shop there. today i found however that as the seat was unusually not going to be mine at 8.40 on the tube that standing up with my arm holding onto the top rail and then resting my head against my arm with my eyes closed is actually quite comfortable. its as sign of being here for too long.
still need some ideas for sponsorship- any ideas on what i can do (real ones as well as funny ones). it really will be a good cause to raise money for, especially if you liked big cat diary last week........

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Well a packed sunday, even if it did incorporate a lie in. Did the sorting out of the wedding stuff, and spent loads at debenhams. did a tinned food shop at lidls, a result of being so skint. its such a funny shop, and seemed to be today the major area for russians to congregate. no-where else to you get condoms next to frozen chips. still kidney beans for 11p and a rather nice quiche. took the rucksack and filled it up, but thought that if the shop is cheap you dont need to have cashier with a cheap attitude as well. didnt make it to the gym and have just forgotten that I didnt get my skipping rope, one for this week i think.
met up with my friends and saw 'lost in translation'. its a lovely film. very funny in parts, very poignant in others. it made me want to visit Japan, but definitely not on my own. if youre not after action or adventure and something more about humanity and companionship then see this. bill murray is excellent and also a very good ending, mysterious. bex gave me some apple turnovers she made so have a nice dessert with a cup of tea now.
as I am sitting here (missed the darts bad timing) i am feeling awful as watching the programme about the ethiopian famine. its frightening to think about that time, when there is so much greed in the world and bureaucracy in the 'developed world' whilst in the third world, hunger and war. its unbelievable to think now, just what happened. bob geldof talking about every record producing factory in europe had to stop pressing anything else and just press band aid due to demand. about how he spoke to maggie with facts about butter mountains and she replied butter doesnt have much use in africa. blinkered. and yet it takes scenes like those of millions dying to provoke people into doing something. whereas now the crippling debts to the third world keeps millions if not billions in poor conditions, not starving to death but not having a lot. i'm a lucky one. i get to see things others dont. i should be more grateful. so should you.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

ok update on this evening:
films watched: one. minority report, based on a philip k. dick story same as bladerunner. 5/10
cans consumed: 3 guinesses, as worried maybe iron deficient. why do u pour the can in one clean motion, but in the pub its two pours?
food consumed: roast parsnips a new vegetable for minnow consumed and noted low calorie value and apparently good for the liver. concerned however too many might still make me fat.
websites: surfed a lot in terms of 'the plan'. major fund raising scheme needed. perhaps sponsored swim eg as many lengths as possible within a two week period, sponsor per length. any ideas?
also created new website to be further developed for a second income
wearing new shoes
three texts recieved, one significant. three texts sent, two by free service from lycos, one significant.
chocolates consumed: three white lindor lindt choccies
plans for tomorrow: get up, sort out wedding stuff, go for swim, try and get skipping rope from argos, come back for tea, go to pictures for film, come home watch darts final. yay!
remembered just how funny smell of reeves and mortimer was (for ref it was the haywain flavour cup-a-soup when slade was on holiday and the lucas fakey cake maker masterchef sketch) and must get both series on dvd. like now. hurry up play, I dont like hmv any more!!

have been really getting into the darts this year, mainly as its been on late when nowt else has been on and i'm not in the mood for going to bed. and its been really good. lots of close games, twists and misses, controversy and plain old good arrows. even womens darts. there was a chance today for a nine dart finish, which would net u 52k. cool. but what gets me still is the size of these fat bastards. they were even going on about one, who must be at least 20 stone and a 42 B, which for a bloke is pretty massive, that has a personal trainer and goes out 'for a run' well fast walk with that load me thinks. its a great game but somehow i cant see him being punished exercise wise. anyhows its the final tomorrow and i'm sure it will be right excitin.
bought some new shoes today. bad i know, but had to get them as they were red stilletto sandals, and with my matching top and mini denim skirt might just be my pick up outfit. (which is used to pick my self up and unsuspecting boys). have put on 2 punds over xmas which was disappointing. bought some roast parsnips and peas last night so veering towards more veggies again and no cheese is in the house or cheddars so heading in the right direction. plus I use up 435 calories by swimming, which i did today and 50 calories for all the walking to get to the gym. will be buying skipping rope which is 203 calories for 30mins. easy.
am going to see 'lost in translation tomorrow', which i hope will be my first film recommendation for the year. bit sceptic as its a hollywood production, but written by sophia coppola so shouldnt be too mainstream plus lots of celebs said it was their fave of last year on film 2003 (it has been out in the states for a while). looking forward as said before to elephant, out Jan , possibly sylvia as she is my fave poet, dogville as possible valentines escape, kill bill but have to wait till April for capturing the friedmans.

Friday, January 09, 2004

lots to say today.....
noticed a truck on the way in. thought an over sized menacing gorilla had teamed up with flash gordons tassie wearing arch enemy to supply 'goods' to the UK when I saw it was a Kong Ming truck......
Shopping crisis. went to Oxford St last night for an outfit for a winter wedding I have to go to in a castle in northumberland in february. not my idea. i did originally think, well I need a new suit, just get a sharp nice fitting black one, get a cool white trilby, white accessories etc and that will do. however jasper conran in debenhams wasnt floating my boat and neither were any of the other 'designers'. flounced around thinking maybe a cheeky dress would be better, and then I thought what hat wear could i get, as want to be uber cool not brides mother with big bonnet. so happened by chance discovered on of those twirly feathery hair/hat things like what posh wore to daves obe. looking good i thought, then i remembered i have a slinky black cocktail dress that would look fab with the hat so all i needed now was a big dress coat, preferably black and swingy. went to fenwicks and had major dilemma. there was a load of rabbit skin stuff on sale, like ear muffs and scarves and hats. being veggie only for diet reasons i wondered if this was wrong, as dont agree with things like mink coats etc, but as i wear leather and cows are just bred for that and beef was hoping that rabbit fur comes from those that go to make cat food so same principle and that was ok? views please. anyhow have big dress coat at home so may only have to buy said hat thing and shoes, so cutting down costs and never object to have to buy shoes, saw some nice reduced ones in DKNY...

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

to blog or not to blog that is the question.
blogging to me used to be a vent for anger and amusement on the daily chore that is life. those little things that really get your goat, you dont understand or find highly scintillating for some bizarre reason. then i kind of realised what blogging could mean to me. i never had a proper diary when i was younger. perhaps if i had got into the habit it might have meant i didnt make some of those stupid mistakes i did, and perhaps catalysed some I didnt. i dont want to reveal too much, hence the false name and blatant shrouding in mystery of some things. its just nice to have your voice out in the open for once. free therapy. i know its helped bw. but maybe subconsciously its just another attention seeker, a look at me type thing, and definitely an ego booster when people comment, and an ego denter when they dont. i'm not out to impress or constantly blog, some days just dont deserve it or i dont have the time. i dont want anyone in real life to really read this. i just think too much, mainly about other people and what they think of me. maybe my resolution should have been be a selfish bitch as no one else cares about you the same way you care about them. and dont all chorus yes they do, there are some i admit, but others are surprising me. i suppose i'd been living in blogland where we all love each other and forgot in real life there are those who just want to you to make them look popular or they are genuinely two faced. i'm 27 and a half (still important) and not found out what i want out of life. i dont know where i should be and where i shouldnt.
at what point in a relationship does compromise become sacrifice? why are there so many weak willed birds out there? havent they heard of independent women? why are there so many men who are actually racked by morals? how long does it take for you to realise that sometimes you have to hurt people in life sometimes even though you dont want to but it means that you wouldnt be unhappy? or that your not in love with your partner yet do nothing about it? how do you know when that person is the one? life isnt a box of chocolates its a random series of bollocks.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

internet, friend or foe?
the internet, or t'internet to us northerners, can be a brilliant tool. making friends, keeping friends, arranging holidays, travel directions, buying presents, buying cheap goods, food shopping, on-line diaries, news, views and sharing photos. this i what I use t'internet for. but when you think suddenly someone wants to know all about you, and you're not sure whats 'out there' about you then its quite worrying. i admit that most of the time i'm under a pseudonym but this cant protect you from what others post about you. suddenly i was imaging that i would have a stalker or at least someone who really doesnt like me knowing where I live. its like you opened your door and mind to the thought police and you dont know where they have been and what they have done......kind of like someone stabbing you in the back. odd.
mouse man came today. he left poison in my bathroom. another contradiction. the bathroom is where the poison gets 'flushed away'. it doesnt hang around as vermin lunch. am disturbed. the ones in the kitchen and cupboard are ok as thats normal and hidden from view.
I made a good analogy today kind of reflects my 2004 so far. i wish life was like a tape recorder, and some moments you could pause, some you could fast forward too. rewind is broken of course, and recording is too real.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ok my new years resolutions:
1) eat less cheese. not doing so well on this so far, but have NOT got any block cheese, only had goats cheese as part of dinner and using up philly on cheddars. making conscious effort tho.
2) get new job. have had some ideas so far just need to keep reading the book and be nice to a couple of 'contacts'.
3) keep going with the swimming and buy some skipping ropes. cheap and easy to fit in a half an hour 'skip' if butch boxers can use them then so can I. again not doing so well on this but am ill at the moment so that hasnt helped.
4) sort out action plan. 2004 needs to be a year of changes, and new job is one of them. would like to do a sabbatical as well so need to fit this in at some point......work negotiations....

Came home on Friday to a horrid sight. A vile vermin lay dead at my bedroom door and I nearly vomited. I knew upstairs flat were getting the council in to see if they had mice, but didnt realise that they had left poison, aforementioned victim had ate it and then decided MY house was the route to valhalla. nevertheless, I didnt have to remove the varmit myself and duly wailed for an hour over how my house was clean and dirty bastards uk are the problem, not me. and then how unjustified it was for parental minnow home not to have mice even though its a shit hole yet I do, and then every mouse on tv was shouted at for choosing my carpet as its coffin. was only cheered up by 'dead ringers' on BBC2 doing derren brown playing buckaroo in the russian roulette stylee.
yay to the toon wopping the saints arses last night. its been 32 years since we have either won at the dell or st marys and last night was the right time to punish a weak side. dyer was on fire.
still ill, and taking away hangovers and foreign holiday slight discomforts then i dont really get ill. so this is highly unusual and annoying. might have to take tomorrow off work. shame.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

ok going through a couple of difficult days so will be aloof:
yay, great news, Steve Jobs, Apple chief honcho, will announce a new smaller i-pod at next weeks macworld conference in SF!!! At only £65 and with christian dior covers (i have told them pink would od but hey!) at last I'll be able to afford one. could be taken as a cheer up pressie or congrats pressie to self. not sure yet.
some of my fave lines from films:
Bill Murray in Ghostbusters: he slimed me
Renee Z in Bridget Jones: where my major relationship will be with a bottle of red wine, I'll die fat, alone in my flat eaten by alsations or turn into Glenn Close.......
Jen Grey in Dirty Dancing: I carried a watermelon?
am getting strange very tired vibes and dodgy stomach alert......

Thursday, January 01, 2004

happy New Year everyone!
I had probably the best new years eve ever yesterday. Started drinking at three as went to the pub with a very tasty young man. then went to my friends house where they had cooked dinner and had a yummy fish pie. More drinking games followed, with me being very good at the vegetable game but very poor at fuzzy duck. I made everyone laugh by doing some fine impression of uncle charlie from vic and bob. Then we went off to the local pub, which was not rammed, was open till two, no tickets and all ten of us managed to sit down on some sofas and I was admiring some of the male totty who had decided to booze there. fantastic. mel was asleep as she got too pissed too quickly as usual and both shell and bec fell off their seat. back to the house after midnight for champers, including a bottle of bolly (very abs fabs) and tattinger!!!. Then it was twister before finally ko-ing around four........
Surprisingly no hang over today I think it was successfully avoided by an early bowel movement. did go back to bed for most of the afternoon and now looking foward to what will be a chilling evening watching a soapathon.
back to work tomorrow, but it will be quiet and its dress down day and i have an interesting weekend to look forward to..........

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