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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I have finally worked it out. I'm not the one needing therapy its them. Its dawned on me that they are the weird ones not me. Must remember to remind myself of this. I breathed such a sigh of relief when i exited my local tube station, glad to see the grey pavements and familiar high street shops. no more cold house, no more dad sniffing every fucking five minutes and sitting there doing nothing, no mountainous collections of stuff, no fatty foods, no million high collection of video tapes with no idea what is on them, no bits of carpet to block that drafts everywhere, no kitchen and sofas over 20 years old and knackered beyond belief and no parents!!! yay!!
I mean who has their child back for xmas and then on the last day asks what food they should get in for them now they are a vegetarian? Or who has one parent who buys special food treats for their wife and one child and completely ignores the other child? And the other parent who actually didnt have to buy something for one child (as the child bought their present on t'internet and the other child bought some minor stuff) and the excuse that one child got more than the other was they couldnt get down the shops, when their spouse sits on their fat arse all day? I think I peed mam off by saying shes not my best friend. well shes not. she doesnt approve of sex and stuff so I cant talk about things to her. her decision not mine. and i said she was unpopular (in comparison to me and dad who seem to meet people they know where ever they go whereas she doesnt) and kind of took it the wrong way. dad has bo selecta glasses as well. auntie j agrees with me anyway.
saying that there seems to be lots of new tv starting soon, including new ER, new smallville, new auf wiedersen pet and a whole week of big cat diary (not to be missed under any circumstances).
Am so looking forward to getting into my lovely big proper bed. and have new star lights from ikea to put up so it looks lovely.
the pilot said the flight was laded by auto pilot. would have been concerned if told beforehand, but its was one of the smoothest landings ever. ps if u fly BA, like me, then get to the airport early and check in via the machines, you get the best seats (i got front row extra leg room today) and no talking to humans caked in make up. yay!!

Monday, December 29, 2003

big hairy bollocks. giant hirstute testicular crap. just was reminded that in the due course of the weddings, I'll probably have to return to the motherland twice more in 2004, which I swiftly circumnavigated by responding that I might not get back on the friday and have to go straight to the weddings. It deters me even more, the fact that I have unknowingly eaten non free range eggs, to which I was horrified and had to change to a cheese sarnie. in this day and age it is possible not to have cruel egg factories in this country. dad is officially doing nothing again today, to which I said that was a waste, and said he wasnt bothered. perhaps speaking to someone dying from cancer might change his mind? he is 64 after all and should be living each day to the full, but decided to spend his last days sat on the sofa for no good reason.
i'm so glad that I am leaving later on, in fact in five hours. its funny listening to the local radio up here, some of the adverts just sound so cheap, car and carpet salesmanlike to the fact where i can just imagine loads of cheap people inside the store. I'll have a stuff free house again, with a kitchen that isnt full of cake and meat and unhealthy food. the only thing i'll miss is the vodka.
Looks like Scotland will be banning smoking in public places, which is a bit odd as you cross the imaginary border then u cant smoke outside.....mm.
*update mam has just agreed re the eggs, one small victory for womankind*

Sunday, December 28, 2003

today I just had to do something. a small step towards normality. If it were my house, and my guests, even if it were family, felt compelled to hoover the place when they are on holiday I would be horrified. I'm considering either Life Laundry or How clean is your house? or might just ask one to follow the other as the continuous detritus of food and discovery of yet more piles of useless shit astounds me. The thing is as well, they seem content with the whole living in a tip lifestyle, all of them, well to be honest I think mothers just lost the battle. And any comments? All I got was a 'are you going to take the tree down?', as if a bit of tidying up meant i was clearing away christmas. I have found a pair of original 80's luminous pink stockings and some dolphin ear-rings that have survived to be in fashion again. I enquired whether the bathroom cabinet (on the floor) would ever be wall mounted again, to which all I got was I dont know, and therefore three different peoples countless bottles of stuff clutters the remaining surfaces. At this point I let slip that I might not come back, such is the effort required to find space to put your shampoo bottle down whilst in the bath. there was even a rotting apple core down the side of the sofa. ugh.
Stayed up last night to watch a Spanish film, 'Live Flesh' directed by one of my favourite foreign cinema dudes, Pedro Almovodar. Although not exactly your typical hollywood script, the ending was indeed very hollywood-esque in the fact it was predictable. I preferred 'All about my Mother' and have yet to see 'Talk to her' but will make a point of continuing to see more unusual movies next year, which should include Elephant (winner of the palmes d'or by Gus Van Sant) and Capturing the friedmans, about a family caught in peadophilia charges.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Forget what I wrote on xmas eve, I've changed my mind now. This xmas was crap. Dont bother trying for ages to think of lots of nice things for people, cos you only get disappointed in return. They either blatantly forget you or you end up with some shampoo, a t-shirt, a calendar and some make-up when you've spent around £200. Next year am getting everyone something £10 or less, and my new years resolution is to save money like never before, as paying off the credit card bill when you have three weddings to go to and no bonus or rise this year.
I also am contemplating not coming home again next year. So far the whole thing has been a torture, only saved by meeting a mate in the pub on xmas eve, seeing my auntie yesterday after going down the beach and most of a bottle of vodka. This house is only one step away from Mr Trebus. there is just so much stuff. useless stuff. stuff that gets used once a year. stuff that is there 'just in case' and stuff that needs to be put up or away or cleared out but no one gets off their fat arses to do so. we also have the whole contents of asda, apparently just in case some one wants to pop round for a sandwich, the last time that happened was 1986 or near abouts, as absolutely no one ever comes round unannounced for food and as they are usually driving then never for a drink (thank god more for me.) I would suggest that a little less spent on food is ok, but fear this will seal my fate as extradited child. Its quite vile how this seems to be a house turning into american size proportions with no real thought about the consequences.
Cant wait for monday night...........

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

have arrived back in 'the North' and straight back into it all. the town is very quiet for christmas eve and also strangely warm, which means it really doesnt feel like christmas at all. Only the hideous mountain of food in the cupboard shows that its the festive season, and this year we're not even having any guests......trying to find the skipping rope, although maybe disappointed its a childs one so will have to skip like Quasimodo.
much inspired by Billyworlds account of his childhood christmases, mine was more of a Tom Cratchett affair, with the xmas tree often being second-hand from my Dads school (no he was a caretaker) an early form of tree recycling I'd like to think. No for me most christmases were, as kids are these days, all about what you got and how much you got. And being a poor miners family in the north east, it often wasnt much. We would have to alternate between me and my sister on who got the 'big' present this year (bit like big light from Peter Kay) and who just got the small stuff, mainly from poundstretchers. My parents are also very good at getting the cheapo imitation of the latest trend so instead of spirographs we got cyclographs, (bit like rola cola?). The main point was of course to avoid any embarassment, whether it was showing baby jesus what u git at kids mass, or trying to not sound crap at 13 infront of your mates. its funny how now, as I can afford most things myself (apart from digital SLR and i-pod, unless I just dont got to any weddings next year) that the things I look forward to are the looks on peoples faces when I give them my presents, going to the beach for a nice refreshing walk to 'blow out the cobwebs' and seeing all those familiar people in the same places they always have been and always will. Gone are the days of studying the Radio Times as if it was a GCSE and planning a video recording schedule around it and enjoying the fact the heating was allowed to be on all day or breaking the boredom by beating my mam at trivial pursuit or lexicon.........
So this year, remember the most precious things you can give each other is your time and your heart, and maybe a spot of listening and understanding thrown in, because they are all free and it can be done fairly easily.
Have a nice Christmas (two finger to any p.c. people out there, cos thats what the friggin day is) and dont go down a well known gym chain in south wimbledon's swimming pool in january to lose those pounds cos the slow lane is mine!!!! Haha although I do now have my secret diet cheat and still looking for those ropes...hey paulie!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

My perfect day
Its a surprise, I wake up and a lovely lovely man has bought first class tickets on the eurostar to Paris. We jump on the tube and within an hour we are boarding at Waterloo, with a champagne reception. He has booked a five star hotel right in the heart of Paris and we spend the afternoon at the Musee de Rodin, which has got to be the most beautiful and romantic place ever. Later its a stroll along the Seine, soaking up the Parisian atmosphere. He has booked us into an early show of Moulin Rouge with dinner which is absolutely spectacular and then finish the evening at the Buddha Bar, with some intimate cocktails and soothing music. We end the day by returning to the hotel, where there are flowers and champagne waiting and then we close the door on the world ;-).
picked up some of my new diet 'aid' which is 100% natural as well!!! was looking at some more pressies but thought I have spent enough on people this year and will be spending hundreds on others next year so cant afford any more...one of my fave pressies so far is a sort of cracker bracelet with little dies and playing cards as trinkets, its so trashy cool. I desperately want a skipping rope so can fit in an hours worth of exercise without having to go all the way to the gym, ideal for emergency hang over days and wfh. must drop last minute hints.....
am having difficulty with the packing already, need donkey to 'ass'ist with the journey.
ok heres my new joke.
President Bush (PB) has recently been over here, and he stayed with the Queen, (Q). PB was admiring the interior of Buck palace and all the servants and said to Q, why Queenie, I love what you've got and think that I could get myself some by becoming a King, whaddya think?
Q says ah well PB, you need to have a kingdom to be a King. Mmm says PB well then if I cant be a King then maybe being a Prince would be easier, and still get all the fringe benefits. Q says sorry again PB, you need to have a principality to be a prince, maybe you should just stick to having a country.

Crikey busy day again for minnow, as well as 'working from home' I need to pack all the xmas pressies for the family and my work stuff, including pc and then perhaps a few clothes for going out in 'small home town' to show off to those who still live their with their mams and go to the same places every week. It'll be a struggle to get it all in one bag as flying up again, as it costs the same at the train, but is quicker, quieter and you get a free sandwich and beverage rather than being charged £5 each.
I think I have decided what my new career should be without the help of the 'parachute' book, which is party organiser to the stars. It makes total sense. Whenever we go out, I'm usually volunteered to select venue and nine times out of ten can match venue to style of group, I know all transport options nearby and all the latest trendy bars and restaurants. Now all I need to know is how to become one. Either that or latest shock artist (see post below).

Monday, December 22, 2003

Have had an original idea for some modern art. It starts off with a normal pile of sick, really fresh and smelly. Then as people come to view it, they are sick as well and 'add' to the art. It will be called 'sick knows no prejudices' and get the world record as the worlds biggest street pizza. I will become a millionaire and write really annoying blogs from my speedboat.
Its my alcohol free breather day today, after five days on the trot needed a small detox.
MMm daytime telly is actually got something interesting on about star diets and diet secrets. Ooh must go down to the shops tomorrow for that, emergency xmas diet already!!

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Ah tis the season to be jolly, joy and goodwill to all men etc etc. Well not in minnow town it seems. After the vacuous reception at the BT party, which after all did NOT rush me into hari-kari immediately, today seemed a bit odd. Everyone was either preganant, just waiting to be engaged, already engaged and planning the wedding or already having two small children at christmas. I felt as if I wasnt in any sort of club, and indeed no-one asked me if I was even close, it was all just a bit 'well shes a perma-single so we wont bother enquiring.' Then on my way back, puzzling on how things can drift and why I'm always the buck of the trend I get a text from another 'freind' about needing to know definite numbers for her hen party, which is costing £80-£100. The week before xmas? She had left the organising to her daft smug and tiny friend who I dont like but now see as a entertainment to laugh at rather than argue with and not me, miss super-organised. So henceforth this hen party, which all I knew was going to be a cottage weekend sometime in February, suddenly I was getting texts about whether I was coming or not. I did have to ring said friend to say well, a) when is it exactly, b) where and c) I havent got any pennies to pay for this during the spend fest that is jesus' birthday and like can I have more details?
So all in all really looking forward to the day of endless crap on tv and stuffing my self whilst trying to not allow my parents to get on my nerves and of course next year.... new years resolution get new job before they push you out and then mount campaign against them in some kind of mad vendetta like the dads for access bunch of nutters. Ho ho ho.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Ah it was the BT party last night where lots of people I knew all about but didnt know me were partying. Like the guy who married his secretary and the girl who tried to steal a job offer from her friend and desk-mate. A whole bunch of fit guys turned up, and I am sure they wernt in BT when I was there. Anyway I think it was quite funny and we were the token two girls on their own to chat up but will probably not be doing this do next year (might not even be around.....).
Rumour mill is going into overtime, working late nights and weekends at the moment. Apparently we arent going to get even an interest based rise, and there will be no bonuses. Kind of makes my objectives a bit pointless. Also wondering why the senior people get their apartments in Chelsea paid for when they are paid shit loads as well? Bit like celebs that get free designerd dresses.....another reason to hate the corporate back patting.
Ok joke time, what was Saddam's first words? Did I beat David Blaine?
Theyre going to be showing people drinking wee on This Morning soon urgh..... right xmas lunch coming up soon!!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

OOoh busy busy minnow week!!! Went to see my friends baby yesterday in Colchester. She is very cute and likes pink and MTV, she almost made me want one. I bought her some pressies, a pink hat with big bunny ears on it with matching mittens and some reindeer booties and a headband with antlers on it. She seemed quite easy to look after, as Em has got her trained into doing what Em wants not the other way round. Anyways we had a long boozy lunch (was naughty and had walnut and maple cheesecake!!) and then went into town for more drinks next to a proper log fire ahhh. Goodness knows how I did it but managed to get train and tube and back to mine all in one piece again. Its the BT do tonight and then another christmas lunch tomorrow as my friend is back from Oz. Might have some time for swimming on sunday as saturday is present swapping day and I might have my friend who is in the Navy up for the weekend, its all go go go!!
Anyway saw an interesting article yesterday about how Ken has brought into service new gas powered buses. I had complained earlier in the year about how if India can enforce natural gas powered but London couldn't do the same and Delhi had managed to clear up their air but we would have to suffer the pollution from traffic. I was surprised to see that the hydrogen fuel cells are actually twice as efficient as petrol or diesel and are considerably quieter. The government wants 600 low-carbon buses to come onto UK roads by 2012, which is a step in the right direction but still not good enough. If India can do it then so can the UK, every bus should be non-polluting by 2012!! Start lobbying your local MP now....

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Why do people who live next to airports complain about extra runways? Surely they knew what living next to an airport was about when they decided to move there.
So Scaryduck changes from yellow to blue and then Tilesey changes from blue to yellow?? Mmm
Witho is reading What color is your parachute? which is my xmas read......... mmm
Where do one shoes in the street come from? Surely you would notice if you wernt wearing one, or has it run away from home?
Even got my own xmas present from my mam and dad today, a concorde charm bracelet from Links via t'internet.
The weather has gone a bit more parky so the usual short skirt and boots combo for xmas parties maybe curtailed for a while until its a bit warmer or taxi door to door seen as I have become soft to the cold since moving south.
Louise adams is wearing the boots I want on This morning, bitch.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Damn. Lost my contact lens. Its a rigid gas permeable one as well so dont have a spare set or a bunch of others like disposable people have. Its always an emergency and a week before xmas is a little ambitious, hopefully the people at the opticians will understand my plight. Meanwhile I am speccy.
Have found new second favourite footie team. After watching Fulham yesterday and also them having lee Clark in the squad I have made them my substitute team to support as I like their open style of play. Can I also mention that Newcastle are now fifth, to all those whingers at the beginning of the season saying how bad we were..........
Also surprise surprise Johnny W wins sports personality of the year. Glad Steve Redgrave won the golden sports prize, winning five olympic golds is just remarkable.
So Saddam is in his enemies hands.
American Interrogator: So Saddam did you have any WMD?
SH: No
AI: Ok that clears that one up then..........

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Went to the gym yesterday and I noticed lots of new signs about not taking newspapers into the sauna, as its a fire hazard. Was wondering who had singed their pubes by a spontaneously combusting daily mail and therefore deserving it for reading such tripe..........
Had a really good night out last night, as our xmas bash for the environmental science gang from uni. Went to Cafe Pacifico and I had lobster and papaya quesedillas and spicy onion rings mmm. Its always really good in there and many drinks were consumed. Went on to try and get in the AKA bar as it was so good last time but the queue was too long so we went to a nearby pub for a few and found it was open till one hurray!! Even better was we sat on some benches round a table and behind us was a wine rack made out of iron trellis. There were bottles of wine in there and the door was padlocked, but you could stick your hand in and maneuver the wine down to the bottom where it would come out through a hole. Yay 3 free bottles of wine!!! Tim showed us how to use a shoelace to open a bottle of wine as well, so learnt something new out of it too. Only problem came when one smashed on its way down and we had to move, but no-one noticed phew!! No need to say how pissed we were.......

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Was surfing for compatible star signs stuff and came across this. I liked it because of the tea bit:

Virgos can be extremely warm and loving and are always ready to give loads of hugs and kisses. A Virgo needs a partner who is similarly industrious, but also someone who can make them a cup of tea and help them to relax.
Someone who has ambition, gives them attention, knows how to make them laugh and stop them worrying is ideal. Emotionally, the Virgo is very sexual and sensual. Sex for them is not something to joke about or to talk about casually and openly. This sometimes causes them embarrassment because others might think that they are a prude. This is not so.
Compatible star signs
As the worker of the Zodiac, the analyst and the health fanatic, the Virgo gets on well with other like-minded signs, such as the Taurus and the Capricorn. The best sign for them is a Scorpio with a Cancer close behind.
thats the other bit I liked as well, about cancer..........
ps new sugababes album is good.........makes mental note must get back into buying non chart stuff again..........

Friday, December 12, 2003

Well I'm glad thats all over with. yes both work dos were successfully completed this week by minnow, and although did manage to create some moments of embarrassment, did not however do any serious damamge or wrong doing. wednesday was pub and curry in the small town where my international conglomerate employers decided to base its UK headquarters. its very boring and exactly like where I grew up, the kind of in-bred average place that I spent most of my childhood working (hard at school)to escape from. made first mistake by sitting next to my manager and then continually baited him about how he managed to order me the biggest fattest laptop and I have to lug it round the tube etc for two hours nearly everyday, whereas the jag driving man managed to get himself the small light slimline version (or the girly pc as I kept telling him). I did also say my chiropractor would be in touch and made several references to this travesty of male chauvanism during the night. I think I got away with it and he seemed to take it in jest. I did my new joke that went down a storm and also a few other funny quips that got them all chuckling. A good night in all.
Last night was the office do. Now traditionally an office do is exactly like the one in 'the office' where the suits go down chasers nightclub and dance the night away to cheesy music. At those type of occasions a LBD or similar party outfits can be worn. However our office had decided to hold the event at the vibe bar. Last nights music was (in their own words) Mistah Brown and special guest Dub Organiser play Rebel Rap, Radical Dub, Agit Punk, Guerilla Funk, Socialist Roots and anything that’s saying something! So it wasnt your typical xmas bash. I decided therefore to go in 'street bling' fashion, with my large firetrap hipster trousers, tight pink goldigga zip up long sleeve top (with goldigga in graffiti 'font') and appropriate major diamonte hoop ear-rings and bracelet. Was the best dressed there imo. Did have several glasses of port at the wine bar beforehand so by the time 9pm came I cant remember what I was saying but it was all harmless. At least I wasnt the one thrown out for puking onto the bar. Very cheap night as managed not to spend one penny as the boys bought me drinks all night. Must have had at least ten voddies........and due to week long alcohol intake was not too rough this morning. mm no wonder the alkie never feels a hangover........
ps word up to witho for saying my blogs were a stream of consciousness..... ;-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I nearly died today......
You know those idiots on police camera action! that miss a slip road turning off a motorway and then reverse back into the oncoming 70mph+ traffic in order to make the left turn? Well my 'driver' today nearly did a very good impression of that, or was trying to get the left side of his coupe whipped off by a mondeo. Lots of beeping and racking of brain to remember if he had mentioned that he had gone to the pub last night.........
Had team meeting today, again redundancies were mentioned just to make everyone happy and in a jolly xmas mood. Its nearly the last day for the office alkie, and he was very disappointed I didnt want to go for a drink at 4pm and prefferred a bath, cup of tea, check e-mails (non 'significant') and blog. Ffs my people need me, and we're going out at 6pm........all alkies must think everyone else is one aswell.........
Mmm all in all a strange day, was nearly road kill, laughed smugly at the boss (i even asked if you could volunteer) and now considering how many drinks it will take for me to tell the alkie he is one?
Office party the morrow night, bound to be very funny blog on Friday... if I'm still allowed in the building.
post what u want when i'm away, especially anything trivial and non-political or controversial, be back thursday or fri..........

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

*Update. Saw the rugby boys yesterday from trafalgar square. Lots of pikey kids selling all sorts of flags and stuff for a pound. No-one doing teas or beer, which was disappointing, could have made £10 with one thermos flask if I had known ahead. rest of day turned into disaster and is best not mentioned. :-(
evening viewing was interesting as watched crime investigation prog into a gang of violent car-jackers. was quite interesting as I made my mind go off topic and also had reference to a daily mail *spit spit* article where they said the gang's reckless thieving had been highlighted and the police were meant to be doing nothing about it. another example of the media hyping up something that was part of a covert operation and frightening the public unnecessarily. (oh yes and it was all merc, bmw etc owners so the mail was perfect reader selection). Nevermind that the police were trying to get them on the worst possible charges so they didn't get off with minor offences and therefore small sentences, they had to be caught 'in the act' as many of our laws request. So in the end they caught them red handed (if a bit by accident) and through forensics got on average 11 years each, which I thought was a good stretch.
So far today have heard two good results of former team mates that got made redundant this year. One has gained a senior position within another telco (mm wonders if she can get me a job ha ha me thinks) and my other mate who has been working on his music and has a record that hits dance floor 12inch stockists as of Dec 1st. Its called Fades reconstructed/interlaced by unlinked. The reviews have been pretty damn fine so far:

"...think the soundscapes of Hybrid with the aggressiveness of a pitbull" (Big Shot Magazine, US)

"...of epic proportions" (Hyper, DJ Magazine)

"...the sheer energy and attitude of the Prodigy" (Joe Freeze, What's On South West)

I hope he does get famous as I have an early CD demo of his that could go for millions when I'm old a crinkly. Listen here.
Also having treat food today, and hopefully need to schedule in some more swimming or dancing to work it off, but considering I didnt have any tea last night I am sure that it will be ok. Update completed*
only thing I can say today is from Mr Paul Hewson.
"I feel numb. Too much is not enough. Don't plead
Don't bridle
Don't shackle
Don't grind Gimme some more
Don't curve
Don't swerve I feel numb
Lie, die, serve Gimme some more
Don't theorize, realise, polarise I feel numb
Chance, dance,dismiss, apologise."

Monday, December 08, 2003

*Too excited*
please note minnow will not be around this afternoon, and might tell you all tomorrow, then again might not. we'll see how it goes.........

Saturday, December 06, 2003

I have to say I had one of the nicest meals ever last night. We went to Maggiores in covent garden cos it had a log fire, and it was the only one in the right location. I'd never been before and was quite impressed by my choice. Inside it was beautifully decorated with classy baubles and icicles on some branches and where the fire was there is a glass ceiling that makes the decorations even nicer. The food was outstanding and there was a fixed menu for £17.50 which we all took advantage of. I had a feta cheese salad for starter, which was really tasty and salmon for mains,whichc was cooked to perfection , very melt in the mouth. Then I had a gorgeous creme brulee. the service was excellent and they even had an electric pepper mill with a light on the bottom so you can see where you have peppered!
We went to the AKA bar (after a few in the legendary Lamb and Flag and the detroit bar) and it was full of men!!! Girls if you want to definitely pull go there its great!! I had two men offering me champagne whilst my mate spotted one of the guys from speed dating, and had loads of guys on the dancefloor trying to dance with me, could have been something to do with the short skirt...mmm.......
Anyway fantastic night out. Good score for the footie, so neither me nor rob won!!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Ron wont like this post but hey.........
Was watching a fill-in programme the other day called 'marry me'. Its one of those shows that as I cook and eat between 7-7.30pm I can pop in and out and not be to bothered about, Jerry Springer etc. Anyway this show nearly makes me cry at 7.20 in the evening. It was about couples proposing and after how my friends have been proposed to, its a bit of a competition. So far one friend was in Madeira for new year and was proposed to at a black tie ball, the other went to scotland and a piper appeared from behind the hill, the guy had two glasses of champagne and my friend couldnt say yes for crying. Well this show was close competition. This woman had a bloke who was obsessed by his Pontiac. She arranged for a hot air balloon flight and then when they landed a vintage pontiac to take them to the hotel. At the hotel she had a selection of vintage pontiacs driven in from across the country and she read him a poem about their relationship and the car and then she asked him to marry her. They were all crying and he said yes and it was quite sentimental so there was a lump in my throat. However you should never ask a bloke to marry you, always has to be the other way round or it just doesnt work. I'm not actually that bothered about getting married, although I would like a boyfriend and a proposal, the ring is much more important. You have to remember the four C's when choosing a ring, carat (bigger the better), colour (yellow no, whiter the better), cut (brilliant or princess cut is best) and clarity (no inclusions). I'd like to have my ring based on J-lo's as I like pink diamonds the best. Also proposal in Paris. I'd class myself as high maintenance. Do you think it puts people off? I may come across as a hard nosed north bitch but its just one side of minnow, as I do have multiple personality disorder.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Its amazing how such a small blog can start a thousand discussions.......
I was really surprised and excited yesterday about an article in the Metro. Years ago, I watched a tv prog and read some stuff about super magnets and batteries becoming smaller and more powerful. This was being applied to a train which would be propelled using alternating of polarity. Cool I thought. Then as the years rolled by I forgot about it until low and behold they revealed they were doing real speed tests in Japan! Woo hoo, the train lives!!! It does 361 mph and moves frictionless on a cushion of air caused by the magnets. Its called the Maglev and is just the coolest thing ever!! I must coincide my trip to Japan with the opening of the train (once safety tests are complete) and combine this with my visit to the hellokitty theme park and ice sculpture competition. Fantastic.
Meanwhile Minnow has today adopted the new technological advance in London, namely the oyster card. Its like a cooler version of a tube card, as you only need to place it over the yellow disc and you can walk straight through, taking nanoseconds off your journey that will be delayed by some other reason anyway. You don't have to take it out of its cover, it works through coat pockets, and you can use it as a mobile phone top up card from January. Some people have complained as its a smart card then its like big brother watching what journeys you make. I'm sure that with millions of people using it they're hardly going to be watching everyone every day, plus if the statistics produced conclude that there needs to be more buses etc on the routes I use then its all for the better. My sister has to pay nearly the same amount in Northumberland for a weeks bus ticket as she did in London, but the geordie one doesn't cover trains or the metro and some bus routes have just decided they don't take the weeks passes anymore, without any reason or warning for doing so. Which is crap.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Xmas is coming and minnow is getting fat........ er no fit!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I have this strange knack of psycho-kinetically demanding tv puts on what I want to watch. It happened a few months ago when I had missed a programme and there it was lurking in the depths of cable waiting for me. Same thing happened yesterday. Over the weekend was flicking through the music channels (as is my new thing) and saw Berlins Take my breath Away. Thought to myself, really wish I had Top Gun on DVD now so could watch it. Was really tired last night as had little sleep on Sunday night, and thought theres a bit of a low in the schedules after the second part of corrie and was just searching for something else that might take my fancy. And there it was, spot on 9pm, Top Gun, on Bravo. Bravo indeed my friend as it finished at 23.05pm, enough time for me to do a quick wash up and then off to bed. I'll be your wing (wo)man anytime maverick.... and yes I cried at goose dying again.........does anyone know what type of motorbike Tom rides in the film? (come on elsie, you must know this one??)

Monday, December 01, 2003

Fridays dancefest has spilled into everyday being, with a fresh bunch of tunes whizzing round my head I feel like the latest edition of Smash Hits!
Current faves are:
Black Eyed Peas: Shut Up!
Outkast: Hey ya
sugababes: too lost in you
Will Young: Better go right now
Christina Aguilera: Voice within
Lemar: Lullaby
Jamelia: Superstar
jingle jangle I hear the sound of xmas cds a coming.......... or even an i-pod........

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