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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Oh no!!! last day of holiday, but hey only eleven working days until off for four days and then its christmas week where nothing much happens......
Saw Gareth on Pop Idol last night and suddenly hes looking quite hot.... much more bordering on the man rather than a boy... mm tasty.
Went to see Intermission last night, the new Colin Farrell film. Quite Trainspottingish, very funny and rarely does a film make me laugh out loud in a cinema but it did, so thumbs up. Technically foreign as its an irish film as well.
Had an odd night out on Friday, one of those snowballers. Starts off quite sedate and then builds up. Had put on my new denim mini skirt and I'm sure it wasnt that short when I tried it on, but by Friday it had shrunk by several inches. Anyway it makes attracting men so easy and getting several looks and also suddenly gentlemenlyess was all around. (Note- went out in my £140 jeans and specs yesterday and still got a wolfwhistle from two boys on bikes..... mm maybe they were worth it after all) Anyway we were just quietly consuming drinks and then as drunkeness started to take over, 2am closing time just wasnt good enough. Our male protector found some dancing pals and decided we should all go to a late night drinking den round the corner, but alas they didnt let us in. So the new 'friends' said they just lived down the road and we should go to theirs for some more drinks. And then it was MTV, dancing, wine, singing etc until it got to around 4 and I just stopped, thinking what am I doing dancing round someones front room who I dont know at four in the morning???? Taxi.............

Friday, November 28, 2003

Right thats all of Mams xmas pressies sorted, Rod Stewart CD (buy 1 get 1 half price in Woolies so got myself Lemar, which is turning out to be my xmas shagging CD if I get lucky) aromatherapy stuff as she is an insomniac now, and a David Beckham calendar (to which she is very excited about, in fact a bit too much excited, and did say I would only buy one with no references or evidence of Man Utd in it, so have checked and its fully Man U free). Might write my xmas cards this afternoon, to save time later on in December which is looking pretty full already........
Saw Jamie Oliver yesterday in Selfridges. He followed me up to the lingerie department. (PS Love Kylie undies are now in so £17 for big pants, £20 for thong and suspender belt combo and £35 for bra all donations accepted). I have seen quite a few celebs now, including Michael Madsen, David Beckham, Posh, Brooklyn, George Lucas, Johnny Vegas, Vernon Kaye, Ross Kemp, Prince Naseem, Ronnie Barker, Sandy from Big Brother 3... er........
Saw Mick Hucknall on This Morning with lovely Fern and Phil, and he has to be the ugliest bloke in the world, apart from Rhys Sutherland on Home and Away. I really could do this lady of leisure thing, I mean I havent had the chance to fit loads of stuff in yet and I need to hoover again and finish my books.........there isnt enough time!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2003

You know the advert, its for Davidoff Echo mens fragrance, well the bloke sitting looking at a blob that turns into a cologne bottle, am I the only one that thinks he touches a breast implant that transforms itself into male perfume?
I love swimming. Theres even a song for it we learnt at brownies.
Swimming swimming,
in the swimming pool,
when days were hot when days were cold,
in the swimming pool,
left stroke right stroke,
fancy diving too,
dont you wish you never had anything else to do but.........
and its starts again, but with actions miming the first part of the song and then the mimes get more every time you sing it. Why do men go to the pool at the gym and then chat at one end? It really puts me off. And steamboat willies? You know the ones who kick so much its like a paddle steamer right next to you and you feel like youre being sprayed to death when all you wanted was a quiet swim? I see my swim as therapy, for 64 lengths all I have to concentrate on is what number I'm up to and if I've done a quarter, a third or are half way there. Its great.
Also had strange dream last night, I dreamt we got five puppies, four bitches and a boy. The boy doggie was very aggressive until he was biting my hand and I noticed a stone in his teeth that was hurting him so I picked it out and he was my best friend, like Tin Tin and snowy. We went round rescuing people and he was really faithful. Even though my mam hates dogs and I'm defo defo at cat person (made two cat friends on way home the other day, they thought I was really great). So what does that mean BW?
Just finished watching Y Tu Mama Tambien, a coming of age/road movie with a tequila-ish mexican twist. Two boys manage to convince a 26 year old woman to come with them on a drive across Mexico to a beach filling in their school holiday after finishing their exams. Along the way a menage atrois occurs and secrets come out, climaxing in a very odd way. Theres one secret that the woman keeps from the boys and because of what happens they drift apart. Very good film, quite schoolboy humour and rude. If it wasnt in foreign, Ron would like it. Go rent it now guys and gals!!!
I had my blokes hat on today. After recovering from a late night celebrating finding my fave CD, I managed to rally round and do some gardening. I'm quite good at most things, cooking cleaning etc but gardening is not a forte of mine. I seem to either drown them or move them wrongly or dry them out by accident. Having containers is more difficult and also needing bigger pots........ god can someone call ground force for me??
Afterwards, sick of getting other peoples mail, I decided I really needed to put the numbers on the front door. So out comes the power drill and not bad for a fifteen minute job. Have to put the shelf up by the end of the weekend...
Ok so the flat is now squeaky clean and all my washing is nearly done and I even bought myself some sunflowers for the dining table as no-one else would buy me some. So I'm ready for anything now.......
Been invited out to a blogfest so will get to have proper conversations with other london bloggers. If a plan doesnt come to fruition for that night then it should be very interesting....... good way to meet people in a non speed dating kind of way??

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Daytime telly is still fascinating, pre midday of course. Theres threesomes ruined my marriage followed by home bowel cancer testing kits interspersed with concordes last take off, beautiful bird.
I hate losing things, especially the things that mean a lot to me. For example this year I have lost my favourite CD and a leopard ring from Tanzania. I've searched high and low for both of these things and still not found them, and I mean properly look for six months. I'd resigned to the fact that as it wasnt under the bed or in the hoover then the ring was lost and I was sure someone must have stolen the cd at the party, cos I had it before then and not afterwards. Was getting close to the fact that I would have to buy the cd again, and as it was an imported double cd that £23 would be going soon. Then I get this sense that it was right under my nose after all and that it would be in the cd case. No it wasnt. But being virgo, tidy and a perfectionist then I would put some of the others back and hey! there is the missing cd, left in the wrong case for six months!!! Oh joyous day!!! And then when packing to go to Rons, suddenly thought about the jewellery I keep in the box that I pack in the end of the bag usually. And yes there it was in the top of the drawers and lo and behold the leopard ring is in there!!! I'm sure some of my stuff goes on holiday for a bit and then pops up where I'd looked fifty million times before............

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I've been meaning to watch a controversial film called 'Intimacy' for a while now. Its a French funded film, set in London with English characters etc, including Timothy Spall and Kerry Fox. I had originally heard about it as its the first British Certified film with an 18 certificate to show an erection (and not be classified as X or cut) but was highly recommended it by my previous boss who was into foreign cinema (as she is French). Having been made 'famous' for the sex scenes it was more about the real relationships in the menage a trois, Kerry Fox having a purely sexual affair with 'Jay' who then becomes friends with her husband (Spall) through following her to her amateur theatre production. They both realise that they are interested in the other life outside their wednesday shenanigans, however Claire, (fox) finds she cannot leave her husband. Its also interesting as a contrast to mainstream porn, as porn tends to show unrealistic scenes and as Ron Jeremy said on Frank Skinner last night highly plays on the 'magic of film', ie mixing together shots to seem like its one long perfect party whereas the shoot didn't actually go like that. In 'Intimacy', the sex is very real, as real as whats going on next door and all over the world, in fact it was quite a good sex education film, as its also showed how it could screw peoples lives up too, without any babies or diseases.
Am starting a new 'regime' this week. No fags, lots of water, lots of swimming, lots of lip balm..... count down to xmas parties has begun. So far they kick off next friday with pub gang outing, week after is team do in Redditch, then office do in Shoreditch, then week after is xmas dinner with mate back from oz and then its xmas week......... god its going to be expensive, good job its t'internet shopping for everyone else and sweets are going to be my main presents.........

Sunday, November 23, 2003

I'm tired now. Dont bother travelling by train on sundays on the west coast line, you'll only end up going via the rest of england and also by bus that does a tour of london.
I've had a great weekend, been treated like a princess, chauffeur driven round, had a personal chef, surrounded by men, drank, danced, discussed, nearly won at scrabble at my first session and also seen England win the rugger. yay. And I have to disagree Ron, we did agree on both the Royal waste of spaces and fox hunting. So yet again I'm right. But I forgot about the camera so no further shots of minnow town in the near future, unless Januarys sales come up trumps.
Theres a good french film on at 1.30 am....... but as I have no work tomorrow may just stay up.
** Cool update, seems Pakistan and India are beginning to show peace and reconciliation. This is mainly over Kashmir which affects a lot of people daily and will make a big difference to their lives. Hurrah ** PS will be looking into GDP etc soon.........

Thursday, November 20, 2003

theres something evil about my washing machine. its the red eye its got when its finished and it wants to show that its at the end of the cycle. its like the terminators robot eye, burning out from the corner of the kitchen cabinets. i'm sure its thinking of some kind of master evil plan to eat me through the front loader one evening.
theres something about certain xmas adverts that have the same affect as thirty vodkas. projectile vomit and a large headache. eg gap and m&s. so far.
you can get everything you need on t'internet. will be doing all my xmas shopping on it. so far today have searched for pub with log fire for xmas drinks in covent garden, how flo-jo died, babies headbands with ears on them and a cottage for new year sleeps eight has open fire and nearby pub.
so glad am not in for children in need. cant stand it. its like every lame joke and saturday night family entertainment show rolled into one with constant begging wherever you go.
anyway go england for saturday even though as we dont win anything we wont win this. all day drinking though........

How to make a proper cup of tea
*Ron please note this for Saturday rugby viewing*
Take one decaffeinated bag of Earl grey, (twinnings will do and will bring my own). Boil kettle with singing spout for enough time to build appropriate 'steam'. Place tea bag and one huge teaspoon of canderel into a mug (not china tea cup) and add water, enough to compensate for water lost when tea bag removed. Leave to stew for five minutes. Add skimmed (or at a push cos supermarkets don't stock enough), semi-skimmed milk so it resembles proper tea colour, not too pale and not too browny orange. drink whilst hot enough to drink, but not hot enough to erode inside of mouth but not so cold as you can properly gulp. Leave smidgen at bottom of mug and ask for another, ;-)
Before tea fest look at this for appropriate accompaniment.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Its funny having holiday without actually going anywhere. Makes me feel like I'm at school again, with the summer holidays and a whole load of time to do nowt. It kind of regresses you, like back to being fifteen. I've been listening to some of my older CD's, like U2's Achtung Baby. I can still sing the whole CD word for word, you dont forget those kind of songs, when the world seemed to be against you and you couldnt do anything fun as you wernt old enough. And where I grew up was so boring all I could do was listen to Bono and the boys and wait. Highlight of the year being seeing them at Roundhay park, just buzzing at the fact we'd been trusted to go on our own all the way to Leeds and back.
I watched one of the films I thought was great when I was growing up, Singles by Cameron Crowe. Kyra Sedgewick falls in love with Campbell Scott only to get pregnant, lose it and then him in a car crash, get together with her boring ex only to realise it was a mistake and live happily ever after with Campbell. Bridget Fonda meanwhile wants to get breast implants to impress a long-haired Matt Dillon who is lead singer of grunge band Citizen dick, but realises he doesnt appreciate her for what she is, forgets bigger boobs and starts ignoring him which prompts him into winning her back, end of story. Chuck in some music circa Seattle grunge seen 1990 and you've got any fifteen year olds ideal cool movie. No wonder it disappointed me now.
Also seems that I've been wearing the wrong bra for over ten years as well. After the wedding dress sesh yesterday we all got measured in the Harrods lingerie department. Apparently I'm a 30C, and I'd been wearing a 36A. Good excuse to go buying some new bras!!!
Looking foward to the big weekend, only if just to report back on ron towers and Les. Going to Windsor did remind me there are a few nice places left in the UK, but it wa sinteresting speaking to my friends Mam who has a choice of living in Manchester or Athens. She doesnt want to live in the UK and was trying to convince her living in her holiday home in Cyprus for the meantime would be the best option. She's invited me over to Belgium before they leave so that'll brighten up a dark January yay!!!
God, hectic weekend and probably one of the best ever!!! One of those ones that just snowball and end up being really good fun. Was in having a quiet saturday actually enjoying Star Wars: Episode Two Attack of the Clones much more than I did originally and then my friend rang me and invited me over to hers for drinks as her mam and sister were over. Copious vodkas were consumed and I ended up staying over. We watched the rugby in the morning, and was taught what the whole point was and how the game works. Anyways very pleased we won and get to play the wallabies at the Stadium Australia, which I have been to before. Well we stopped on the way to the blue mountains but never went inside or anything. Ok back to the story we eventually got into town and had lunch at Harvey Nicholls before heading over to my friends sisters house in windsor. We had a really drunken cheesy night out. We attracted all the weirdos and looneys from windsor, one even had his ski mask (dubbed his beer goggles) on his head all evening. Then we went back and had a big sing-a-long to the neighbours next door, very loudly. Next morning it was back to london and to my friends wedding dress appointment at Harrods. I of course managed to choose mine and also become and expert on the whole thing. Oh forgot we had coffee and big fudge chocolate cake at harrods before the dresses. Then afterwards we went for a lovely vietnamese. So you see Ron, I have been a little busy and only been in my house for half an hour since saturday evening. ;-) I am on holiday afterall........

Friday, November 14, 2003

I hate hangovers. And waiting for baths to fill. But hangovers are worse. Today I was still pissed at 6am and concerned I might still be drunk when I got to work. Have embarked on high rehydration plan which has so far included pint of ribena, sweet tea and peppermint tea. Am craving decaff coff, but will resist. Had some cheddars with cheese this morning as well, in vain attempt to prevent any vomiting and aid soberness returning. However the plums from safeways are highly disappointing and was wondering if I could take them back. Bland as f*ck.
Went speed dating last night in Del Boys nightclub. We had to push past lots of screaming fans outside who had swarmed in for Daniel Bedingfield. He was turning on the lights on Regent Street. Good job there was an ambulance handy. Got to the venue eventually and upstairs was quite nice, sort of middle easternesque, you know the job. Downstairs however was the biggest collection of bad decoration you can imagine. Around the bottom of the bar was fake ice made out of plastic with coloured lights behind. Above the bar was loads of white fibre optics which made it look a bit like one of those white christmas trees crica 1983 from woolies and a bit spindly. There was a huge dancefloor with squares that changed colour, very saturday night fever.
Having been speed dating before I'm a kind of pro now and you can identify the 'types'. There are always a couple of old guys. The group is supposed to be 23-35 but in sneak a couple of blokes who insist on going to this age group when they are clearly pushing 40. Apparently its a known phenomenon in speed dating world, as they try and prey on younger women. The main bulk of the blokes seem quite normal, but there was one who was, how should we say, Dale Winton? He also said he had a girlfriend which was very confusing and wanted us to come to his gentlemans club. Theres always a few oddballs who you think might still live with their mothers, have never kissed a girl and never get drunk. You can usually tell by the attire, sensible coat etc. I dont like bald men either so they just put me off. There was a couple of nice guys and everyone was friendly so that was good, no complete freaks, weirdos or psychos. Was hideously drunk and got given a bottle of veuve cliquot by a rasta on the tube called pablo. Still feel a bit odd. A 'big green one' chocolate from quality street is helping though.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

"Minnow"or Cyprinidae is often used to describe small silvery fish. Actually, "minnow" is the common name for a large family of fishes of various 'types' They also can accurately help flag what state my mind is in. For example, yesterday some of you may noticed it was a Northern Redbelly Dace (Phoxinus eos) day. The redbelly dace occurs in ponds and in the slow parts of streams, often in cool, darkly stained waters of swampy northern creeks. It is occasionally taken in moderate current. Sometimes it stands its ground and delves into the debate world, only to find it gets peoples backs up. Then it may end up being a Blackchin Shiner (Notropis heterodon) day. The blackchin shiner lives in slow, clear, weedy areas of large streams and the shallow parts of lakes. It appears to be intolerant of silt and is becoming uncommon over much of its range.
Other times its a cheery day and I may be a Finescale Dace (Phoxinus neogaeus) or even a Golden Shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas) on really good days. If I get a tad embarrassed I can be a Rosyface Shiner (Notropis rubellus). Particularly bad days however and I am the Stoneroller minnow(Campostoma anomalum). If I'm in a kind of a brave mood sometimes I can be a Brassy Minnow (Hybognathus hankinsoni) Frisky times call for being a Hornyhead Chub (Nocomis biguttatus) Although the hornyhead will drive off others of the same species, it tolerates other kinds of fish. Various kinds of minnow live in almost all freshwater (and some in brackish water) habitats. These range from headwater bogs, swamps, and springs to rivers, ponds, and lakes.
Anyway next week I have decide to busy myself with a couple of events, namely the portrait gallery and the stop bush evening with ron kovic and harold pinter. I'll also be swimming and entering as many competitions as possible on tv and radio. And trying to write a book or somet. I'll still be bloggin.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

wha hey!! this is me on my days off.....
You are the seductress pin-up! You are self-
explanatory. You slut!

What Type Of Retro Gal Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

peck peck, corn, peck. peck peck shit peck peck peck. peck peck corn peck peck. peck corn. peck. electrode. water. hot. hot. hot. brown. slice slice slice. vacuum. cold. warm. cold. fall. water. peck peck chicken sandwich peck peck.
Did you know that the 11 richest people in the world have a combined wealth that's the equivalent of the 48 poorest countries total of their GDP's? Its a sickening world, and its seems the UK is adding itself to the nasty club list. I saw a headline today saying that money normally sent to prevent reinforced destruction is now being used for re-building Iraq. Disgusting. I was on the anti-war rallies and if you go to this site, it gives you an interesting view of the US' plan to eradicate all the people they don't get on with and give them McDonald's whilst stealing their natural resources. Check out whose on the committee and you'll get an idea of why Bush won the election. See also the comment about the US winning the cold war. They were just lucky that the communist economy failed before theirs, I'd like to see how Russia moves on and perhaps rallies a comeback, fighting them coldly at their own game.
It looks like the UK is now so nannyish that we are getting ID cards. So that all the people who get away with robbin, dole bludging, tax dodging, speeding, pimping etc can carry on what they are doing by avoiding this through their criminal ways whilst the honest middle classes will be expected to fund and prop the scheme up, no doubt with loads of them being brought up in court over petty issues whilst the real crims still roam the street, unidentified. Shame. Good job the liberals have already pointed out that the billions spent on the scheme could be better used elsewhere, including police, prisons etc. Its all a backlash knee jerk move due to asylum seekers and terrorism. If you step up what you've got already it works better than introducing something new, look at the poll tax. Mind you the council tax is robbing innocent people blind.
Its official anyway, its time to leave the country, and I think that there is nothing here worth staying for.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Some days its the little things that keep you going. Like yesterday, needed a bit of comfort food so decided I should have egg mayo + jacket potato for lunch. When I got to safeways I found the egg mayo was in the bargain bin and therefore 40p cheaper. Hurrah!
But some days its those things that you just cant get over that put you down. I have a special name for them now. Theyre 'anthea turner' moments. This all stems from the fact that in four days time I have 16 straight days off and I was planning to write a childrens book about the mice on the underground. My mouse would be living at Morden and decide to leave home, and on his journey meet other mice along the northern line. So for example, a mouse that liked tennis at wimbledon, another one who liked cricket at oval, a film enthusiast mouse at leicester sq, etc you get the picture, until he reached hampstead, where he decided to live on the heath in the open fields. Great I thought, had idea and plot etc just needed to get abook about how to write childrens books and away I go. No. I looked up on t'internet for books about mice on the underground. Yes, despite everyone hating her, Anthea Turner has beaten me to it, writing piffle about a mouse detective on the underground. I mean wasnt Basil the great mouse detective? She cant even have a really original idea and also has ruined my holiday. Now I have two weeks off and nothing to do- any ideas?
PS tilesey the ex sounds like pyscho- ignore her presence and shower nice bum with flowers. And bongo yes seafood (in the voice of the milk kid from fast show) 'is brilliant'.

Monday, November 10, 2003

golly gosh what an action packed weekend. The party on Friday was good, although the birthday girl did get barred for life from the pub and was sick on her bed. I managed to do myself a 'sports injury' whilst jiggy-booty dancing to beyonce. ahem. Didnt get back to mine till four. Met up with my mates for the lords mayors show fireworks display on saturday. I had to do all the oohs and ahhs as obviously Londoners are too cool to do that. Went for some drinks at a nice pub near the Tate Modern and then for a curry at Brick Lane. Cafe Bangla is the best!! Sunday went to a restaurant for lunch. Had mussels, lobster, cheese and biccies and lots of wine. Went to see Chelski (we've bought the premiership) thrash poor Newcastle at Stamford Bridge. I say it wasnt a penalty either and when your without your top four players only two days since beating Basle then I say it was a flattering score. Sir Bob agreed. Why cant it commentate for Sky? They say the same things as me.........
question: I'm very tired today as was watching Alive on sky last night. I got up to the bit where they ate the dead people and then the avalanche provided some more lunch- what happened after that and how true is this story? The info button on NTL said 'fact-based' which is just a dramatic licence for lying.
Big up to witho for mentioning MT over on her site........
let me know how alive ended and how you're weekend was or anything else you fancy.
PS The first rule of blogging should be dont blog after BJD. v.v. bad.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

ok. I have been reading the times today (middle section left on tube) which was surprisingly interesting and I might have to read more educational papers as its got the brain juices flowing. There was a conversation earlier on about women who get married younger and then when they get divorced between 40-50 they have a mid life crisis and start smoking cannabis and driving huge motorbikes. Me and my mate decided that since we have our crazy time now that when we get married that we would be good wives. And then after getting home I was sucked into watching 'Bridget Jones' again I found that she seems quite hopeless, and yet she gets two men fighting over her and then bags Mark Darcy in the end. Whereas I can do lots of things and have no man. I can cook well (I have dinner parties with no illnesses so far- even barbecue-ing), clean (being virgo of course), have a well paid job that I do quite well (see appraisals all v.g.), own my own flat in London, can do DIY (even IKEA furniture), like watching football (only a matter of hours until the shed end) have been told I am naughty in the bedroom department (so no complaints) have a 32" widescreen telly, dvd player, hi fi and gamecube, am slim, and reasonably attractive if I say so myself. Maybe that's where I am going wrong and should be crap at everything and look vulnerable and needy for 'rescuing'.
*Apology alert* seems I have maybe offended, hurt or annoyed people, both on blogs and in 'real life' this week. This is my big sorry, was having a moment and didn't mean a lot of what I said, you have to take me with a sack of salt most of the time. Sorry.
Did you know bloggers spell check didnt recognise blogs.......

Friday, November 07, 2003

Ok its weekend time so a review of this week and then a wot r u up to this weekend chatfest hurrah!!
Monday: black clouds circled and evil spells brewed, minnow was festering in one of her legitimate 'moods' none of which are ever hormonally induced. Not one of the brave knights could rescue her from the dark lands and henceforth the day was lost. Minnows only comfort was her new book, The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.
Tuesday: A glorious day to be beheld by all!! Minnow town was born. Furious comments and a flurry of keys created the beautiful minnowtown and her residents. Minnow was once more a happy bunny. Minnow won seat war on the tube: battle one, with blonde girl. Minnow went to the quiz where we did as crap as usual. Stayed up to watch best prog ever, Secret Life of Us till 2.20am.
Wednesday: Minnow tried to get her 'program' issue solved. Minnow succeeded in doing as little as possible and not over eat by buying loads of satsumas. This way the belly was content as well as the mind. Minnow was invited to birthday party on Friday yay!! Minnow lost seat war on the tube: battle two, with the girl from last night.
Thursday: Minnow again managed to contain work stuff to the minimum. The 'program' ticket was passed between the IT work queues four times. Minnow rang to complain. A small squeaky woman sat next to minnow in the afternoon. Minnow firmed up fireworks watching event at the weekend for the lord mayors show. Minnow was annoyed by three sales men talking whilst all jingling their change in thier pockets. Minnow attended first open evening as part of 'the plan'.
Friday: Minnow finished the book, 399 pages. Minnow had the yellowest lunch ever, cheese pitta with mini cheddars dipped in roasted red pepper humous and satsumas for dessert. Minnow showed of her ornithological skills and was impressed that she may have slightly photographic memory. Minnow was excited at the prospect of Pollys blog.
The weekend plan as follows party tonight in Balham, Lord Mayors show big firework fest on Sat, 5pm, Chelsea vs Newcastle live from Stamford bridge at 4pm, remembering not to cheer as standing in the chelsea end when in fact toon army fan.
So wot u doing this weekend?

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Friday yipee!! Went to my open evening last night. Was good and informative and I seem to have formulated an idea of a potential focus for 'the plan'. I now need to do a couple of reckies on the subject matter, do a practical and also evaluate another provider for good measure. Needless to say the free wine was a bonus.
There was one thing though....the boy, (yes boy- he claimed he had finished uni but I saw no attempt even to have any sort of testosterone evidence) was really really really enthusiatic about the whole 'thing'. To the point where when I got home I thought he had been too keen and a bit 'jump in before I'd finished my sentence'. Then I realsied that it was that, bless, he was just really enjoying his job and that after two years of misery I had forgotten what that was like. All was forgiven. It seems that I have got used to everyone moaning and complaining about how crap it is, which is true but also no excuse for continuing to suffer. So therefore Polly get some driving lessons, Hans go to SF and Ron keep peddling (the bike not the lsd).
PS Have finished Northern Lights.......Recommended reading for those not in the book club but would like to read somet is Glue by Irvine Welsh- challenging dialect to read but very very funny school boy humour..........worth it just for the bit where one boy has the chat with the headmaster about deflowering his daughter he he.
Ok todays topic revolves around something David Brent said last night. "you grow up, work for 50 years, get a golden handshake and then die after a couple of years".
I would love to do more fun things in life like:
Be a pirelli girl, either the WRC one or in the calendar- move over heidi!!
Be the girl Bono pulls out of the crowd on tour and sings with or with out you or running to stand still to.
Be the lady that swims with dolphins every day
Be the next wish you were here? presenter
Be the next Saba Hamilton-whatsherface from big cat diary
Be Nigel Harman/Den from stenders next big squeeze

So what would you like to do with your life? Let me know.....

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Right I've got topics coming out of my left knee....
Next discussion point. If, like in Terry Pratchett's Mort, death was on holiday, and you could take over as the grim reaper for the day, who would you help on the way to the pearly gates? Famous, person next door, best friend?? Let me know...........
Thanks everyone it seems VS is a no go area and the salon it is for pink streaks and also to get minnow on tv. Will keep u posted!!

Next two topics, one is the famous british broadcasting channel has revealed the top ten worst films, as judged by its film 2003 'watchers'.
The finalists are:
1. Titanic
2. A.I
3. Pearl Harbor
4. Vanilla Sky
5. The Blair Witch Project
6. Batman and Robin
7. The Avengers
8. Battlefield Earth
9. Eyes wide shut
10. Highlander 2: The quickening
Discuss and put your own top ten in the comments please!!

Last topic, Ron and I are starting an on-line book club, beginning with His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. If you would like to join, get reading now as I am up to page 253 already. Target date for finishing book is November 30th, with on-line discussion to be held shortly thereafter. Let me know if youre interested..........
Buenos Dias minnow town peeps.
Argh!! I need your help. I have a dilemma that needs solving pronto. I rang my hairdressers yesterday and she's left! They lady that I entrust my barnet to has departed leaving me in limbo land. Do I go to vidal sassoon and pay shed loads but do advertise a cut I would like, or go for the freebie on the salon and be on telly? Both have advantages and disadvantages but I need to make a decision soon as have speed dating next Thursday......... help?

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Thanks to all the guys for popping by today, at 76 posts that is more than comforting. I hope you do enjoy minnow town, and that as its develops we'll see interaction between the peeps of minnow town and also some new places cropping up.
Anyway, looking forward to my dinner of sausages (veggie ones of course), mushy peas and mash. And tonights discussion topic is 'whats your fave meal?'
Please dont break the comments as I'll b out tonite either at pub quiz or if the price is right, bingo for our first foray into the number calling prize winning world. Eyes down!
comments please.....
Hello and welcome.
Beware. There maybe items discussed here of a sensitive nature. If your easily offended look away now.

Its the birth if minnow town. Yay! Its been a long labour I tell you, but I wont be admitting anything about the father.
I hope that you will at least be arsed to post a comment if not why did u come here in the first place? You are breathing my air.
You are free to discuss anything in here, anytime but any dissing of the main bitch and youre out of town, ho!
So to start with lets talk about vistors to minnow world. Good idea over on coopblog to ask people what they are wearing which generated a lot of comments. Why? Because people love talking about themselves.
In a similar vein then comments for today is how did you get into minnow town and what you gonna do tonight? You make up whats in minnow town...........

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